• the Gov't tested it, but no one wants to listen to  the people who were tested, they (Gov't) still grows at U of Miss. Google The Missoula Study – Irvin Rosenfeld. 

  • This drives me nuts. To begin with there are some people like me, though you may see me happy here, I have severe body spasms from cerebral palsy. Plus fibromyalgia and very active diverticulitis, asthma and live with chronic pain.  I am deathly allergic to codeine. Since 1986, I've attempted every known branch of secondary medication approach (SSRI, SNRI's, etc including controversial Dopamine (L-Dopa), alternative medicine AND allopathic) and in the end, Medical MJ has been the ONLY long term relief from mind bending pain.  Not "oh ow my back hurts" but severe pain to the point you can see my muscles spasming.   So while you may mock those of us as being 'stoners' and find this all funny, (Morgan's mocking attitude to me didn't help), some of us might not be alive if it weren't for the  use of this plant.  

  • Nice story!!!

  • Yeah,I know.If we were truly "Free" and not "Free to do as we tell you,"I could grow this plant, or ny other for that matter any nobody would say anything about it.If the constitution,Bill of rights and Declaration of Ind.(written on hemp,we know this) still applied,we could do this and anything else as long as I didn't hurt others or infringe on the rights of others.People wouldn't got to prison for smoking or selling weed.If anything,the Fed and state gov't is infringing on everyone's rights.

  • Does anyone know where I can find the full video of this? please please help

  • Someone please tell me where I can watch this online.

  • Prequel to Super Size Me?

  • if only we can go back to all of human history and make paper and textiles and medicines out of the Hemp seed again, we'd never have to cut down another tree. its too bad big billionaire corporations run our government and partake in writing some of our laws, *cough* Monsanto *cough*

  • Who is anybody to tell what they can or can't put in their body. Or what doesn't ease their pain and suffering. Just because politicians don't agree with it, does that mean t doesn't help anyone live a better quality of life? People need to quit saying they know what's best for everyone else and why spreading lies and propaganda to benefit their monetary gains

  • All the other product is different. Weed effect your mind. Buddhist monk forbid it becus it affect the mind natural process to meditate and achieve higher consciousness. I was a once a buddhist monk. Beside buddha introduce marijuana call buddha leaves from india called gangcha later in the west term marijuana. It clouds the mind ultimate ability.

  • Shit, are you also telling people that they don't look sad enough to eat chocolate? Looking not enough sleepy to drink coffee? Looking not enough "what the fuck" to drink alcohol? Looking not enough hungry to fucking eat?

    The dude can't even smoke a joint without a stupid piece of plastic shit with his name on it. Does that look fair to you? Prisons in the US are being filled up with non-violent citizens, people die on the streets, does that look fucking fair to you?

  • No alcohol, no tobacco, no sugar, no tea, no coffee, not a single prescription or non-prescription drug? No herbs? No nothing? Good luck convincing yourself that you don' do any drugs, you poor junkie 🙂

  • I tried it retarded. I don't need drugs in my body to feel good.

  • If you arent gonna post 5 min or higher videos, dont post at all.

  • legalize weed and everything would be so much better!

  • That's not fair. He doesn't look sick/ill? How can he get a medical card. I don't understand.

  • I think 90% of american uses are weed smoker in the society. Everyone is confuse and don't give a shit. Everything going down the drain.

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