• People don’t realize all types of medicine is drugs

  • Please don't tell Marijuanas secrets. The government will put a stop to it.


  • I have high chronic catecholamines and metanephrine and my urine all the time because my stupid brain.. and it makes me itchy in my skin looks like a 90-year-old man when I'm only 40. But I tried smoking marijuana and my pee was clean for the very first time in years. But as soon as I stop it it starts to come back I have to continue smoking it to hold back the catecholamines from attacking my body.

  • How can I get in contact with her?
    Please I need her help. I received the worst news about my son in just now. Doctor says there isn’t any they can do. He’s for and has the same type of cancer as Landon. Does anyone now how I can reach her. 🙏

  • I With Out A Doubt let my kids eat edibles.. lot more beneficial than other .. Doctor Prescribed Drugs…

  • They can’t say that cannabis is a treatment because they’re under contract with the evil drug dealers and will lose their job if they go against them. We do not live in a democracy every aspect of our lives are controlled. By keeping the truth from us they can keep the money for them.

  • Chemo is a money grab, medical marijuana can crush big pharma. Im convinced its just another big lie. Think about it, there are billions of dollars in treatments and medications, dr salaries, billing hours, nurses, cancer tech equipment, blood test, machines for blood test, that list can go on and on, so you see how it works now. This massive network is at stake and there not about to just do the right thing and say yes cbd works, smoking marijuana works. cbd oils work. not a chance. I didnt work hard enough to make my father see the light, he has passed on from cancer. But for some of you with loved ones its not too late for them. Tell them the truth about what alot of us know about marijuana. It just works and we live in a greedy evil world ran by the son of perdition. The prince of the air is ingrained in big pharma.

  • Big pharma is evil and greedy

  • I hate the fact it’s takes forever for ppl to believe in a plant that works miracles but are quick to trust toxic chemicals that have bad symptoms too

  • 3:063:16 then play , to get to the point .

  • Dont listen to those who make money on selling mediciation… There is cure in nature…!

  • I'd like to know what these slimebag "doctors" mean when they say, "As a 'physician' I cannot say whether cannabis treatment is a treatment for cancer." Cannabis has been around for thousands of years longer than any pharmaceutical drug ever invented, yet these slimebag shill quacktors insist they cannot discern whether cannabis is a cancer curative. Up yours, BigPharma and your shill doctors. I can only pray I live to see the day the entire Pharmaceutical industry is brought to its knees. Of course, that would mean we would have to wake up to not only Marijuana as a treatment for disease, but that there are many wonderful alternative treatments for diseases especially proper food nourishment that increases the body immune system; but stay away from drugs with serious side effects at all costs.
    I was prescribed CIPRO for my lyme disease and within two months developed ruptured shoulder rotator cuffs/tendonitis, severe carpal tunnel syndrome mostly right hand and forearm, and cramping directly above my achillies tendon on left foot. Now six months later I am still recovering and can finally see I may recover 95% one day; but I am told once these symptoms are in your system they may activate again one day. Oh, really? Well, I intend to be taking marijuana oil from here on out. ciao.
    Up allopathic medicine, it is BS.

  • Wow they want to threaten to take her kids away…..

  • You want proof. Interview Rick Simpson. But you won't will you CNN?

  • they are killing her son

  • This pisses me off if cannabis makes the kid happy , keep him on cannabis

  • Very smart woman too bad she cant find someone who will help her child. If my child gets really sick , I'm moving to Mexico for awhile. I like how they talk about the Success of survival, like they're going to survive forever, when in fact the survival rate they're talking about is 5 years after chemo. How can they consider 5 years surviving, a Success? When in fact most people survive that without treatment?

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  • Good for this mother. She's saving his life, the doctors aren't.

  • I am disliking because of the ignorance of the use of cannabis it's natural the doctors will give you random shit for money

  • Chemo IS poison!
    (There was a typo in my last comment)

  • the mom is the real hero. mom will always be pur hero.

  • I am doing a debate on whether or not medical marijuana should be allowed all over the country or not and I am the affirmative and this helped me out a lot because I can use that we should do it because it is not right for people to have to move states to get the help they need just because that state does not want to legalize it.

  • Maybe as a therapist she should try it herself. Otherwise her opinion is worthless.

  • The reason the national cancer society won't release that cannabis cures/kills cancer cells is because if money, every patient saved is a customer lost.

  • Contact me if you are LOOKING FOR HEMP OIL. Clean bottle, squirt dispenser, lemon taste, easy for anyone. Legal in all 50 States. .03% THC (Also distributor opportunities)

  • Jeff Sessions and Donald Trump would put these people in prison.

  • why does this video only have 51k views?

  • how is he today

  • This is heart touching

  • besides the point but that grandma looks so young!

  • Rick Simpson
    "run from the cure"

  • This is what call a brave mother who did her research and cured her son from cancer with marijuana

  • Chemo is statistically more likely to kill you than save you. This video is biased towards Chemo because CNN gets huge ad revenues from Big Pharma and the established medical monopoly. Chemo is a billion dollar industry, and cannabis is a huge threat to its profits.

  • chemo is expensive, pot is not. no reason to go into it any further. Its big business.

  • Oh yeah that money would just stop coming in…that would be the reason the Cancer Society says there is no proof Cannabis kills cancer. I`m 73 and as a child and probably before my time…the Cancer Society has had their hands out for donations to cure cancer. All that time and Billions of dollars and still no cure. We now know that Cannabis is that cure. A plant we can grow at home and it will keeps us healthy and so much more. I was told 16 years ago that I had prostate cancer. I have done nothing about it…nothing! I smoke weed and I am here healthy as I was when I was a young man.

  • chemo is poison

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