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  • NICE

  • Just be prepared. You guys better have cash as well and not ask the dispensary’s for fronts🤣

  • That guy is psychotic or a cop . Either way I'm not shopping there!

  • Green light is awesome I went to the one in Joplin mo

  • similar to how they do it at this one in vegas I went to

  • holly crap there weed wax is exspenive 50 bucks a gram thats crazy 7 bucks here in colorado you cant afford to smoke out there and yhats without taxes

  • Looking forward to the black market setting up their own farmers market f*** all these corporate giants.

  • So just so I understand it's legalize in Missouri 🙄

  • Rent going up next year. Be prepared

  • As someone who worked for smokiez edibles don't go with their products you're better off going with someone who is making solid products that are from the state

  • People will stop trying to break into the shops once they realize they can't get anything. Also, crime will keep happening ad long as we have terrible wealth disparity. Sooooo, chew on that.

  • Proud of you Missouri can’t wait til the day all states have finally legalized the herb. Far better than tobacco, pills or alcohol.

  • I'll be driving up from Alabama to scoop some for sure!

  • The only problem is it's set up for big business to set the table sort of speak Mom and pop are not gonna get ahead

  • His eyeballs are about to pop

  • If u can't smell how can someone buy it? Just because it looks good doesn't mean it's going to be good make sure u subscribe for full flower strain reviews

  • It will fail just like California you will never be able to compete long term with street prices or strans it’s exciting in the beginning then it will just die down if the Feds don’t come first

  • I hope they aren't gearin up this early, still have to wait a full year

  • From what I have heard, they will fail miserably.

  • I wouldn't support it after african american community's getting locked up for it. Kanye was right look who in control of it.

  • How about they make the product available to people with low incomes not everybody’s got $95 for 3 g


  • Can you still rec. weed if you have a conceal carry license?

  • please call its Cannabis like the rest of the country this isnt the cartel

  • Ah weed to keep us all docile

  • Just wait for interstate commerce.
    Any big heads out here gearing up for legal transport?

  • How tf did Missouri do it before Florida?

  • I bet they are. More power and money for the corporations and the government and less for the people. Just what we need, smh 🤦

  • So when will they start selling it?

  • 0.55 he’s on something, and it’s not cannabis 😂

  • Food trucks and weed 💜❤️ this is what the world should be like

  • I love the Farmers Market type look! Ones that I have seen over in Illinois are too Doctor's Office-esque

  • Farmer's market?!?!? You mean corporate market. The average citizen will only be allowed to grow a few plants under state inspection and scrutiny while the corporations will control, dispense and charge you as much as they can get away with. We had a better bill in the State house this last session that should have been passed

    Anyone in the pro cannabis movement knows how to write a bill? Let's write an entheogen act that would make all of the entheogens legal and citizens can grow or produce as much as they want without government inspection or scrutiny. Let's write a bill for the citizens not big business or corporations. Shop this bill around the capitol and let's see if we can get someone in the state house or senate to sponsor it. If there's good legislation pre-filed this year then we as citizens need to go to Jeff City and push that bill through the committees and the floor and make it law………

  • Is it February yet?

  • Finally legal

  • You mean small business people can't have their store,only big business get in only, this is crazy

  • They sure grew that weed quick 😂

  • Let's just keep giving people recreational drugs this will definitely solve all the modern day problems we are having.

  • @0:01 – definitely Missouri. "Flordia Kush"

  • It amazes me to learn there are still uneducated troglodytes in this world who think this wonderful herbal panacea isn't medicine.

  • The crimes they're trying to make worry about may go down quite a bit once the recreational sales begin. People were probably breaking into medical shops mostly so they could use recreationally. I feel once it becomes available to everyone the break-ins will happen a bit less, that's not saying it will completely stop, but there wouldn't be anything stopping these crooks from growing it for them selves, and once this plant has been decriminalized federally, the banks and credit companies will be able to help these stores with electronic transactions to where they won't have to rely as heavily on cash.

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