• Make it happen

  • Opioid killed so many young people especially this state

  • It’s bs Minnesota hasn’t legalized yet

  • These large companies in our state dont care about patients and neither do lawmakers! Theyve worked together to create a state controlled system that does absolutely nothing to work with its patients! Weve been swindled and ripped off by a system that lines the pockets of the already wealthy! Putting medical patients who are already in pain in an even worse off position! Not to mention the Minnesotans putting their freedoms at risk for affordable medicine! CORPORATE CANNABIS IS NOT THE SOLUTION!!!!

  • Slow progress is still progress. Congrats, Minnesota, for allowing patients to buy a smokable flower form of the plant.

  • Marijuana is a horrible addictive substance and it's not as safe as it's made out to be. That's the REAL TRUTH. People that chronically use marijuana have major unseen problems!

  • Cool now if you could get the price down to about 100$ for 5000mg of thc in a tincture form then it would be affordable enough at that dose for my conditions

  • Minnesota Lawmakers need to stop protecting Big Pharma. Bunch of wolves in sheep clothing pretending to be liberals

  • Patrick is so inspiring how he's taking action and I admire how he's working to help himself and others with MS by making more non opioid medications available. Go Pat!!

  • Just what we need is a bunch of druggies now in Minnesota. Go ahead and keep it as a drug and those just getting high.

  • Minnesota has always been late to the game. Look at fireworks, liquor and now cannabis. Only thing Minnesota is quick at is killing minorities, for petty crimes

  • I’ve been sending my cannabis dollars to Denver for about 5 years now. I don’t have to buy it behind a dumpster in an alley anymore. Minnesota Republicans are fools. Idiots. I would much rather keep my cannabis dollars in this state instead of sending thousands of dollars a year to Colorado. Think about how many good people are being forced to do this.

  • That's dumb, he should have vaped it instead of getting the pills

  • Ohh we blow it like it’s legal

  • Let's make it legal for everyone. Legalize cannabis.

  • Medical cannabis has been legal in MN for several years already. Smoking it introduces carbon monoxide into the lungs just like cigarettes – so, not a great idea. It's really expensive, medical insurance won't cover it, doctors need special licensing to prescribe it, and most doctors won't touch it with a 10 ft. pole.

  • 🙄🏁get over yourselves. No pharmaceutical company can replace or beat cannabis. Period.
    Even the medical grade cannabis is crap.

  • Bunch of Dam hop heads

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