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  • I'm a boilermaker did my training at caterpillar. I now live in Tasmania.i refuse to work in a state run by Muppets!! 600 million dollars fine is nothing to the makers of oxy contin/they make 1 billion a year.if affected DO NOT DRIVE A MOTOR VEHICLE if a child accidentally takes oxys their dead..great stuff dickheads can see where ned Kelly was coming from

  • There was ABSOLUTELY no point legalising prescription cannabis. I have a prescription and cant use it without fear of losing my job because of ridiculous testing methods

  • Well said more smiles guys, youre doing a great thing.
    And thank you 😎👍

  • I've found that most ( not all) people receiving medical marijuana are chronic long-term druggies who suddenly get diseases and mental conditions. A massive amount of medical marijuana is resold on the streets. It's not regulated properly. I know of many people receiving this and every single one of them has been a drug addict for years. It's like giving free heroin and ice to addicts so they can make a big orofit

  • At 19 I went to my mate to buy a pound he had none but assured me his mate would so I went with him to a known affiliate of Bandidos… Should I risk my wellbeing over a plant? These are the same people that sell heroin? My younger brothers stomach was pumped at 13… But don't let him smoke a joint… Seriously Australia would be better off economically and criminally legalising marijuana

  • up👆👆👆👆👆👆 if u need weed, cart, edible. ..Dey are very reliable..

  • up👆👆👆👆👆👆 if u need weed, cart, edible. ..Dey are very reliable..

  • I disagree entirely with the notion that cannabis should be legalised as a sort of cigarette type of drug, what we should be doing as a society is having a massive debate about the so called Net Zero (death sentence) policies, this is more detrimental to the livelihoods for all Australians. Don't be swayed by the media nonsense, lets go back to common sense governance.

  • Won't think over job for people



  • Metastatic (stage 4) breast cancer (hr+) "thriver" here. (I'm living with it.) I keep hearing about RSO (Rick Simpson Oil), which is a super-concentrated medical marijuana product. The word around the cancer clinic patients is that this stuff "shrinks breast cancer cells." I live in WI where it's completely illegal, even for medical, but yet the same thing repeats from several patients saying, "try this stuff." Doesn't this at least warrant some kind of RESEARCH?

    By "research" I mean, like, "NOW, NOW, NOW!"

  • Plenty of juicy green land to grow in Australia. We want more

  • The government doesn’t care about people in pain. We can all grow this plant at home without you guys profiting off our miss fortune. So far all you have done is trick everyone who already uses it. To pay a doctor to use it. An then provide us products that have been In my opinion. Tampered with I call it nice looking shit weed.

  • It should be upto the individual in negotiation with the prescriber whether or not the mediation works for certain people, not speculation from people with unclear intentions in the field.


  • We all need to get together and promote the benefits of medical cannabis cuz who else will?

  • It's disappointing that it has to benefit law makers before they recognise the gift that this is. You can talk science all day long , cannabis is and has been a healing plant for centuries

  • Probably one crucial thing that is needed, in terms of helping bridge this gap between data available from patients and their prescribers, particularly AP GPs that are at odds with colleagues, is to make available samples to patients, aligned and based on what they are currently rotating as treatments. A sample pack of say six flowers to a patient gives their prescribers far more data faster on varieties that are available which could treat an individual better.

    I want to build a good rotation of flower I can use for my range of issues but I’m restricted by TGA points of 2g a day and four flowers. This restricts me to only those strains I’ve had prescribed and restricts me in providing relevant data to my doctor (who is my GP and AP)
    That doctor is also restricted to how much they can order in.

    I think it is really important also that we understand a lot of traditional ‘recreational’ users were in fact treating mental and confidence issues (as I have) and we tend to play this down in favour of only pain or other physical conditions (which I also treat). I have data which suggests certain strains, that accelerate heart rate, help with arterial issues I have (blockage causing claudication in my leg). All this kind of data is valuable. My doctor is getting it but I am certain there’s much more data out there that could be gathered by wide range sampling.

  • Oils never take 1-2 hours – that is ingestible such as capsules. Oils take 15-30 mins. RCTs the gold standard for new drugs do not work for whole plant cannabis products. WHY? there are 400 plus trace compounds that can confuse the data. So yes we need to drill down on the specific compounds but RWE is crucial for this plant. Drug companies won't make the investment if they can not patent a drug and it would be extremely expensive to complete RCTs. The weakest link in all this is doctors who have been indoctrinated or conservative to protect their reputations and a drug framework designed for single molecule pharmaceuticals. The fact that the Faculty Of Pain Medicine is advising this way when these products are far safer and improve the benefits without the severe risks of pharmaceuticals is absolutely shocking. Even both the two approved drugs are CBD isolate or CBD:THC isolate. The epilepsy drug has been found to reduce seizure frequency less than whole plants, need far higher doses so cost prohibitive, mix more poorly with other meds at high doses. This drug also includes sucrolose (sugar sweetener) and ethanol which are both negative compounds.

  • Great video thankyou for your effort!
    I pay over $150 a week for my medicine and i don't get medicated to the level i need to be

  • Governments lack the competence to pass any law. HURRY IT UP

  • If people could only grow freely in there own home for personal use, people wouldn't have to spend all their centrelink money on blackmarket bud.

  • Pathetic old phoneys who still think it’s a bad and street drug make me so mad! Medical cannabis has changed my life

  • Pharmaceutical companies are so corrupt. This is bull shit. I stopped paying $360 a bottle and smoke high quality Green. I’ve given up all the toxic DRUGS and resorted to natural Cannabis.

  • This is criminal we don’t need space goof bud from Mars what we need is for cannabis to know longer be a cost for us

  • yep price is crazy! roughly 600-700 a month for myself. but i wont be looking back! the products i found for myself are perfect for me to get day by day. lets just decriminalize it already

  • Just completely decriminalise it.

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