Medically Prescribed Cannabis Patient Arrested

Medically Prescribed Cannabis Patient Arrested

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  • Where can I find the video?

  • Whats the laws with consuming medical canabis in public. like am i allowed to vape it in a park or walking down the street. also can i be told to leave somewhere because i have it on me, such as pubs and resteraunts

  • Sack them for incompetence

  • I have two chronic pain conditions and allergic to opites, I get flower and oils. I was going to a concert and phoned the police for guidance as I could find nothing online, the first officer I spoke to had no idea what I needed to provide to officers to stop me from being arrested so went spoke to the Sargent who told her that even with id, my prescription and a doc letter I would be arrested and reported to the PF awaiting court.
    It shocking 4 years later there is no guidance or even somee sort of id card for us so we don't run the risk of getting arrested when we leave the house. I have a camera set up in my house that I can record them when they finally catch me with it.

  • I don’t have my card but its legal in my state for recreational use 😎😎

  • Absolutely revolting that a plant that has been used for thousands if not tens of thousands o years some bs “law” in the last couple hundred years decides all people who use said plant are “criminals” truly despicable down right evil

  • It's a disgrace am a medical cannabis holder but do a really need a cancard

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