Medical Weed vs. Street Weed

Medical Weed vs. Street Weed

In todays video, I talk about medical weed vs street weed. I wanted to talk about some of the stigma around medical weed, and …




  • Not trynna hate but I immediately clicked off your video after you said “Its ya boi” Take it how you want to take it.

  • I’m the uk medical is cheaper if you get the right clinic

  • I go for legal bud because I can get a quart for $15 pretty much any day or $60 for an ounce

  • You are literally trying to make me watch you play a game I'm not going to watch someone play a game how stupid is that

  • Me watching this 4 years later and buying $45 oz with my med card 👁️👄👁️


  • *35

  • Florida medical is the worst weed u can get as in medical bc they only go to 20 or if ur lucky over 25

  • I personally think street is better weed

  • Agreed, depending on dispensary, the legal bud can be trashed out. If the buyer of the dispensary is lookin for deals……they buying older grows and or hermaphrodite, or compromised batches still smokable and lab tested….just taste shitty. Then the store sells as top shelf. Check dates and containers for double seal. Street bud has been better on east coast f.r.

  • Medical weed back in 05-2011 was pretty good.

  • Honestly tho if u find a good weed shop in the streets (one that doesn’t I’d essentially) hold on to it. But the truth is their customer service is ass and surely stiizy and all them grow WAY cleaner
    Bakersfield has some BOMB ass weed in the street dispensaries. They tax a lIttle too much but the love is there if ur their customer

  • Oh that’s kinda gay. Lmao hahaha

  • That's not true getting my card was easier

  • you a fuckin clown lmao try dat gas

  • Plugs, atleast in my area, are very not that reliable. They take their time responding and almost always show up late.

  • Depends on where you live. In CA, $60, an application and a phone call will get you your Dr’s Rec and card. Depending on the dispos, a typical mid (15-17 THC) quart will set you back $40-$55. However, some strains by brands will rob you $60-$80 for 1/8th!!!!

  • now all he smokes is dispensary lol

  • smokin gas come with a price

  • Medical in my opinion is not better in my opinion it’s not that great

  • Hello everyone I finally received my package from this new legit plug he was recommended by a friend I didn't believed him

  • In latvia 1g of weed is 15$ but you can buy a gram of molly for 30$

  • You fucking said it

  • 1 oz. In canada , 21% 130$

    its dried so you definitely get your money's worth… but.. being dried its crystal is gone and sold separately

  • Its sum kush

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