Medical Weed is a SCAM 😠👆

Medical Weed is a SCAM 😠👆

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Christopher Baer


  • As a fellow high end pot head there is a massive difference between recreational and medical weed medical gives you higher quality weed and higher THC percentages for a better high and is more clear when taking a hit so it feels more natural, recreational can have great weed but there hard to find like the most I've found for THC percentage in a recreational dispensary is 20% thc while the the normal top shelf weed is at about 30% THC percentage. So there is a difference it's just like a subscription for better weed

  • Monopolize weed supply… wait, you are telling me that either illegal dealers will just go out of competition or drop prices to compete with the government? That's an interesting way of choking crime a little, nice.

  • Agreed😩

  • On today's edition of shit I should of heard sooner in my life

  • It really bugs me how much the government has stuck their greedy fingers in the legalization process where I live in Canada, there are many actual dispensaries around here but they TAX TF out of you for 7 gs but you can also go out to a native reservation where they control almost everything and get the same if not better weed for $40 an O

  • First rule of business is dress like a mental patient that has psychological issues

  • You know how the world works? Everything is a scam. open your eyes and smell the coffee Bambi.

  • There’s absolutely NO TAX on medical marijuana and the prices are the same if not lower than “recreational dispensaries”. Also the products at a medical marijuana dispensary are held to a much higher standard (no pun intended). Stop the 🧢

  • You must floss with extension cords?

  • This dude a lame

  • The CIA isn’t trying that hard anymore

  • That might be true…. however I got the card to get around the taxes….plus now there's so much fake shit out there.

  • It’s hard to say no when convenience is most stoners Achilles heel.

  • The underbite is strong

  • Bro what 😂 Nothing is being “monopolized.” If you have a medical card you can go to a number of dispensaries, each having products from multiple companies. There is no monopoly.

    People figured out how to use a loophole in the law. It’s not a scam. People should be able to consume cannabis recreationally, but legally it’s not allowed in many places. Many places where it’s not legal recreationally, it is medically, and so yes, people get a medical card to smoke. If you wanted to claim it’s a scam you should have at least backed that up by saying there are often fees that go into getting a medical card. However, on the other hand, often taxes for medical use cannabis are a lot lower than excise taxes on recreational cannabis. When I lived in Los Angeles I’d buy $180 worth of product and my total would be $186.

  • I really love being able to legally grow it here in Canada.
    It's really just a plant that relaxes you when you smoke it, the government shouldn't have the right to stop people from using it.
    Authoritarianism is real.

  • You do not need a medical card in most countries and if you are in the United States most States most States do not require them I don't know what the f*** you're talking about yet again you f**** liar…

  • I agree with you completely but at the end of the day medical is tax free and recreational is not which makes a big difference depending on what state you’re in

  • U need to be my lawyer

  • Don't need it in Colorado.

  • 99% dont engage in it….

  • Medical weed isn't a scam. Who the f*** is this guy and why all of a sudden do I see him all the time.

  • Quit wasting your youth being stoned. When you're 55 you are going to feel like you wasted the precious gift of life. Get sober and apply all your brainpower to making the world a better place.

  • 99% of people do not smoke weed

  • Stop

  • If medical marijuana is free how is it monopolizing anything if you only shop at dispensaries of course you're going to waste money get a caregiver and get free weed or grow it yourself

  • or OR medicate yourself from your recreational stash. its good for aches pains discomforts quite a lot of things.

  • Recreation is medicinal… Stress is the biggest killer and it's natural. Duh.
    Get a brain cell

  • Haha do you know how hard it is to find good weed in the uk ? I guess not

  • But mate you gotta understand we want that but our governments force that law on us we can't help that we need to get a card just to smoke weed you egg

  • I mean your right and wrong. Marijuana is a less harmful treatment for a lot of stuff.

  • Most people get a medical card for medical reasons. Medical is $4 a gram, recreation cannabis is $14 a gram for the same flower.

  • The only reason people get med cards is for the discount you get at checkiut

  • Get real

  • Yeah and be labelled a druggy for dead weed the government give u 😭😂😭😂

  • You also lose all your gun rights

  • Still saying everyone would be happy if they could grow their own. Everyone besides these big businesses you mention.

  • I completely agree, although I have used weed medically before due to insomnia and severe pain, but because of where i live I don't think they will even accept medical mj at work, so I'm severely sleep deprived and in pain. 🙃

  • Medical states: “ Hey doc I need a med card”

    Doc:🧐🧐 “ we’ll see bout that what’s wrong ?”

    “My back hurr…”

    Doc : “ Obama runts”

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