Medical Marijuana Tincture – Tutorial

Medical Marijuana Tincture – Tutorial

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  • Jesus. This guys voice is horrendous.

  • Dumbest fucks ever, they should be using a Krups grinder…. 😛

  • It's "tincture." He keeps saying tincsture LOL! What a dingus.

  • he said he put this in his tea? well i hope to god he doesnt drink it like wtf 

  • Can I put it in vape pen and vape it up?

  • Tings churr

  • So annoying…
    Gayest tutorial I've ever seen and all so wrong.. And god please tell me it I'd a strain called willow and there not retarded and can't remember widow… FACE PALM!

  • How much weed did you use?

  • Please prepare before you film your next videos!!!

  • Alcoholic Butter NOMNOMNOM

  • This vid, is exactly why we need a regulated system. And more educational info available for noobs. Its tincture. Not tincsture. Thc or trichomes are soluble in fats like butter or synthetic fats and oild like crisco, but other ways aee healthier. , trichomes are also soluble in alcohol. To make a tincture you can use 1 or the other. But ive never in my life heard of someone mixing alcohol with butter and callin it a tincture. A tincture is made with glycerin Or alcohol. You cant add butter to coffee or tea. But alcohol and glycerin you can. You can also make honey and agave tinctures. I suggest hitting the library and renting as many vegetable or herbal extraction books glycerin books , cooking with butter books, . Juicing books. And books on tinctures. Stay away from high times references or stoner diy. Go read about patent meds from the 1800s that used cannbis tinctures as main ingredients look up dr. o'shaugnessy <spelling?. Alot of useful knowledge in there. And I bet you fimd out allot of what you "heard"isnt true, or is slightly exaggerated.

  • I make this with the everclear all the time, came across this video looking to throw some in my vape. We normally just take a couple shots of the finished product, catch a nice buzz from the alcohol, then the marijuana starts kicking in

  • If you dont decarb the pot, by heating at 300 for 30 minutes, you will not be getting all the thc out of the pot

  • DO NOT believe what they are telling you!  First of all, the word is tincture, not tincsture.  It's TINCTURE…tinkture!  Anyone also knows that fat, ethanol, and heat make the thc available to your body, not 'help' the absorption.  If it isn't converted, it ain't gonna work.  Seems like these two have only partially correct info and have no real grasp as to the nature of the process.  My God, you look and sound like idiots!  Study your subject guys!!!

  • not medical its in clear cheap baggies fucking idiots

  • 7 minutes of my life I will never get back – dont try this at home.

  • grinding and pulverizing are very different things,  the terminology makes a difference

  • Did dude sounds like Frank from China IL lmao

  • do not follow this vid omg

  • I am no expert, but seems to be combining two different techniques.

  • Wow horrible video

  • Waste of 7 min

  • yeah, this video sucks.

  • 6:35 "8 Table spoons to about 8 table spoons."

  • couldn't have said it better myself …… had me rolling!!

  • so u never really got to the point on this video sirs

  • Nice green screen. lol

  • And creates radiolytic compounds

  • LOL. He isssss!

  • Love it!~XD

  • This guy might be over weight because hes using all of this butter and fat that he doesn't even need.

  • Hahaha

  • Good info…Kermit de frog.

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