Medical Marijuana Patients Have More Questions Than Answers On Treatment

Medical Marijuana Patients Have More Questions Than Answers On Treatment

Patients want to know more about medical marijuana, but many are finding that medical providers do not have the answers.


NBC News


  • Why not try alternatives to pain management like less addicting things such as marijuana?

  • To tell you the truth, the reason why weed is being recognized as a medicinal plant is because it helps with those who are on Chemo or if someone is disabled, it does less damage to your body than alcohol or tobacco.

  • Very true! Drs don't want to get involved!

  • Marijuana is ancient medicine obviously. DUDE!!! Let’s get with the program💪🏽🍃💪🏽

  • It must be fully legalized as soon as possible, and I agree that additional study is required. It should not be illegal to research this.

  • The term FDA is commonly used without being mindful that your talking about a group of less than 50 individuals…..

    Scientifically cringeworthy to think of the blind faiths applied to their pronouncements.

  • Lies come back to haunt the living….

  • I really like CBD from Weedborn.

  • I am sure you will find good remedies for all your medical issues on the Weedborn page 🙂

  • In 2020 alone over 3500 research papers have been published on cannabis. Israel discovered THC and has been studying it since 1968. The information is there we just need to create classes for medical students and students of other professions.

  • Every drug has side effects so does pot.

  • It more for their addition.

  • Medical Marijuana is a cover up I constantly have them texting me for cannabis,Gummi bears etc..The Feds need to step in there isn't that many people with cancer!

  • Minnesota cannabis doctors are not trained in the effects of medical cannabis. Their job really is only to certify that a patient has a condition. It’s up to them to research the drug if they want to.

  • It’s not even horse ish

  • That woman they showed may be an actual pharmacist but that's not pharmacology that she's talking, she's just talking about regular bud tending. This is the basic type of information that each medtender at the dispensaries in florida respond to questions but that does not fill the pharmacological information gap such as does cannabis interact negatively with her statins? and other medical interactions with other medical treatments and medications?

  • What's the point if big liquor and beer companies and cigarettes and tobacco companies take over the weed industry

    by putting their own chemical that cause cancer or tumors weed is not fresh how used to be and if not the big Tobacco liquor companies the government be putting their chemicals in it too

    But no old people got trick because they see hundreds of commercials talking about why big government and big companies is a good idea for them to take over the weed industry

  • Drugs…

  • nobody's asking this many medical questions about other medications.
    After four and a half years researching this myself, I find that one of the larger problems is the fact that people are asking more questions about cannabis than they are about other medications leading them to believe that their doctor knows less about cannabis than about other medications. I'm sure the reality is that your doctor does read less documented peer-reviewed tested information on cannabis then some of the other medications they prescribe but people tend to not ask questions about their medication that they're already prescribed.
    People have a curiosity about cannabis that they don't have about the other medications because it's ingested differently than other medications and because the rhetoric regarding cannabis has changed. Everybody feels like their doctors have been saying stay away from it forever because they've just heard so much rhetoric saying stay away from it forever and they never heard their doctor say no no that's false so they don't ask these questions about the other medications they don't have hundreds of thousands of voices saying bad bad everyday like cannabis has so most patients don't find out that their doctor knows almost as little about the prescriptions that they're on.
    People tend to be more curious about cannabis than they are the other medications. People just trust when their doctor tells them that he's going to prescribe pill x or pill y but because lots of people and the government been saying cannabis is evil and destructive and dangerous for so very long and we've heard these stories that now we're saying hey doc tell us why the story has changed!
    One way or another that's the main question people are asking the doctors and the doctor is not able to tell us why the story is changed
    but we're not asking these questions about other medications because there's no story that's changed with other medications. so compared to traditional medications where we just trust the doctor when he says take these pills
    and as a result, there are hundreds of times more questions about cannabis and realistically there are almost just as few answers about your other medications however everybody insists that there's less answers because when they ask a question they don't get an answer. but if they asked the same questions about their other medications, they would find they're just as few answers.
    Nobody's asking this many questions about other meds. The only realistic question that people are currently asking their doctors that they're not getting an answer to is exactly what should my dose be in considering that with cannabis is different for each and every person rather than by body weight, I think it's just those simple facts of reality that make people think they're more information regarding cannabis medically.
    Traditionally we take a pill and it either works or it doesn't and if it doesn't, the doctor might adjust the dosage a couple of times before trying a completely different medication however with cannabis you have to try a little bit today and if that doesn't work then try a little bit more tomorrow and if that doesn't work then try a little bit more the next day until you I tried to that functional dosage and because other medications aren't done that way it freaks people out and they want deeper answers than that simple fact being the end of it but in reality that simple fact is the end of it.
    We're not going to be happy until we see in writing more serious side effects for cannabis than cannabis actually has.
    We're not going to be satisfied till we see a medical report that says up to this exact amount is safe and beyond that exact amount is unsafe but in reality cannabis is different than that so we're waiting for a result of medical marijuana information that we've already been informed doesn't/ cant exist. Science has shown us that that's what makes cannabis different is no unsafe overdose allowing people to keep trying more and more until they find a dose that does work without destroying their kidneys or liver or something else on the way to discovering that dose whereas when other medications fail we just throw that medication out and try something different but this is why cannabis is different and this is why the questions still exist and this is what we keep ignoring but asking anyway.

  • Cannabis is not a drug but a organic herb pharmaceuticals are drugs

  • People have a lot to learn. How did idiots take over running this country smh.

  • Which is just nuts when you can drink at 21 and it can ruin your liver. Sometimes not everyone can drink because it turns then into a completely different person. You smoke a little you might pass out or eat. Never has it alter me to a point I don’t know what’s going on. Usually your aware again it affects everyone different.

  • Peace For All Smoker 💨

  • Marijuana has NO side effects at all…26 years constant smoking …I know what I'm talking about

  • Pills, alcohol, cigarettes all have more deaths and over dose then weed

  • Special session for Mississippi

  • Big tobacco and alcohol companies have been paying millions of dollars to politicians and news agencies to keep Marijuana and Hemp illegal for years!

  • I had to do my own research for using cannabis for epilepsy.
    CBD interacts with a certain drug, raising the potency of that drug in the blood.
    I had to show the neurologist the information so he could learn.
    Then I had to PAY HIM for the appointment.

  • Doctors "don't know much about it" because they don't get KICKBACKS to incentivize them to learn, PROVING doctors are only in it for the MONEY.

  • Medical marijuana has replaced 3 different medications for me that had awful side effects. It's improved my life in many ways.

  • The cops can't handle the truth. It's legal throughout Canada. Who did the government put in charge? An ex-police chief. Our brains are hard wired to accept marijuana. It has no similar receptor for alcohol. Give us seeds so we can grow our own, not studies that insure control of our health. The attack on marijuana began when aspirin was invented. The drug companies stand to lose billions. Less people will be in hospitals and the jails will empty. Marijuana doesn't lead to hard drugs, drug dealers lead to hard drugs.

  • I can't drink alcohol, take opioids, but I was thrilled that Pot
    didn't affect my heart meds. I almost died from codeine, and
    booze makes my heart race. Pot makes me happy and feel better.

  • Those Drs are paid by the pharmaceutical industry not to know

  • I never heard once about someone dying from an over dose of Marijuana but yet again alcohol destroys your kidneys giving you or killing you with liver cirrhosis

  • Booooooo!!! 👎 I hate the bad drugs so very much!!!

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  • make it illegal again. $100 for an eighth should be criminalized.

  • The great spirit God Almighty himself put it here on the earth so that we could use it for a meditation we have learnt that it will get you high if you smoke it so that's what we do it wasn't put here to be smoked it was put here to be used as medication ground up and put into like tea to drink

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