Come take a look at my medical marijuana garden where I have 5 plants in the flower stage. All cannabis plants are growing in …


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  • I top on 3rd Nerd and LST right away after topping

  • Stop right now and forget it all, you have what you need if it’s hooked up and put together, and as soon as it is go buy potting soil and a pot 3-5 gallon and you can either put your seed in one pot and start and finish it there or you can move it from little cups all the way to the final 5 gallon bucket as you go, don’t worry about nutrients your first grow, just water and half the day turn your light on and half the day turn your light off and call me when you get ready to harvest cuz I’ll smoke it all if you won’t lol

  • Amazing plants. Enjoyed your grow.❗😎

  • Wow…you just destroyed a seed company like that. I know this is a old video, but im sure they got a hard hit from this review of their gear lol…can I send you some genetics to review?

  • Super cropping brings them even

  • Hey, are you watering to run-off, or are you just leaving the plants in their saucers, and letting them re-absorb the runoff??

  • Crop kings ?

  • just rid yourself of all plants that aren't up to standards… from the beginning…. saves time and headaches

  • I call it the reverse technique

  • I do partial Harvest plus I put it back into veg

  • Do you defoliate

  • Can I do this same way same soil if I use tiger bloom dirty dozen ?

  • Just purchased a grow tent (300 W LED light). The problem I’m having with understanding the basics of homegrowing is that there’s so much contradictory information on the Internet. I’m at the stage of becoming a little too overwhelmed with information.

  • Top,Pinch bend train your plant young. Good video

  • Круто у вас там!

  • Space Queen 420 not found..

  • What the typical flower time with girl scout cookies?


  • Follow me plz looking for tips I'm a new grower

  • How do you get your plant to grow short like that and some many tops

  • What is your situation like that your misting during flowering.. did I see that right.. are you in Arizona or what .. humidity is my enemy

  • 2nd node and up.. just depends on strain.. also lst , bending will get your space , mainlining

  • Msnl I get like 10-20%germination.. crap company

  • Question How Much Of The Organic Nuts You Use To Reach Your PPMS levels…???

  • i thought i did a good job growing until i watched this video n realized i fukn suck 😣

  • May I ask how big are those tents? what is all that you have inside it? Could you steer us in the direction for purchases?

  • i tend to top after 3-5 nodes and depending on the speed of growth my pineapple express grew 5 nodes in about 4 days so i knew i had to top her to keep her contained. I LST heavy when they grow that fast and usually have a trellis. this my 3rd crop now. i was thinkin of partial harvest.. however i was worried that the damage to the plant would stunt the tricomb production underneath idk if that is a thing so i didnt do it. LIVING SOIL GUYS look into it!!!!!!!!

  • Liking the garden fella! for photos I top once 3 to 4 nods have grown with autos I do not top at all just LST.

  • They all had a nice ass cola formation

  • Good lookin cheese my friend. Keep up the hard work.

  • Medical just passed in Missouri. I am getting ready. Looking for as much info as I can absorb. Thanks !!

  • At 2st I was thinking the color wasnt r8ggt on you plants bro…. those bitches came out real fireee real gas !!

  • solid set up! love the variety pack! WOW FACTORS

  • They look like something i just want to eat. Maybe put it on a sandwich. Maybe im hungry

  • Hopefully that humidifier doesn't cause bud rot.

  • I top early veg. But I got the turnaround. Great vid th

  • My Lord you are amazing!!!! That last plant 😗😗😗😗😍😍😍😍

  • You do such a good job explaining. I’m reading your book getting ready for my first grow I thank you much.

  • Great vids bud

  • I start topping young and try to keep to 16 colas seems to get the best results to many colas seems not to help with yield. Great video considering trying Bloom Yellow.

  • I top early and often. BUT that's mainly because i'm trying to fill a 6×4 flower tent from my 4×4 veg. everything looks good man!

  • I topped mine right at 6 nodes then waited till 4 nodes on each side then top again and clear the middle node. Then done.

  • Great vid bro keep it up can you give us an equipment update on your tent and light ect? Thanks growers love

  • Great results, thumbs up !

  • great update bro!!

  • try main lining

  • You have an AMAZING garden Sir! I just subbed up. Love the genetics. The topping question: I top my plants as much as possible. I wait until the first full leaves have grown. wait till there's two sets and top the third one. Let those Grow up. Skip one and top the next. LST to keep the canopy flat and strong. Sub up to my channel if ya get a chance. I have some good genetics going and a fem seed give away coming. Check it out please. THANKS!!

  • As always brother smashin it. .luv the intro aswell…tht sweet tooth av heard is a bainging smk ma friend. .mmmmm looooks tasty ma friend. .all em do. Tht snake venom is new to me very nice but for ppl eho want discreet small plants..defo genetically ma friend by sounds off it but..tht trinoble is a topper one off ma fav strains ur smashin hell out it with her av grew her a gd few times bro..shes phenomenal looking buddy ur doing a great job..thank for the look at em..keeeeeep it greeeeeen ma friend peace from Glasgow Scotland uk

  • Looking great thx. for the heads up on the Moxie beans!!

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