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  • Marijuana is not medicine

  • Some days back I fell into the trap of a scammer in buying cannabis online and I lost $9400,that had me frustrated then I told a colleague at work and she told me she was also scammed $15000 but got it back with the help of hacksting on IG with just a little fee. She gave me his email address and I sent an email, he asked me a few questions and also proof of scam then after 24hrs he got my money recovered and the scammer tracked.Thanks to hacksting
    You can email him for

  • I used a credit card directly with the Department of Health.
    I did not use a check, I did not use a money order and I did deal directly with the Florida Department of Health.
    You can update your information now. Also there are many many more than seven places there are seven within driving distance of my home and there are dozens in my County.
    There are many dozens of dispensaries now in Orlando there are lots and lots near Tampa st. Pete but most larger cities in Florida have several now (June 2019)

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