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  • imagine being a professional news outlet and not being able to have audio in both ears smh

  • Republicans need to get the wall.

  • Cannabis needs more research, we have to push for more investigation.

  • He doing the right thing

  • I can’t believe in 2022 it’s still not federally legal.

  • Let's all hope that cannabis will be legalize soon in many countries.

  • Ok 10 joints a week…jk im pro

  • People who gets high it helps them with anxiety & help most people relax.

  • No one gonna talk about his eye brows 🤣 but tbh this is dope

  • Fuck pills fuck all that shit 😤 all you need is weed

  • It’s crazy how kids are given pills similar to Xanax and the law still sees marijuana as a worse type of drug. It’s barely a drug. It obviously does more good than harm.

  • Also on Youtube is the story of both my adult children…."Is CBD being suppressed"…..

  • How does the FDA have a patent on a natural substance? That isn't legal. Im not talking about giving the substance to someone with a medical condition that can benefit from it. Im all for that. Its just that when they say that companies cannot make money off of natural substances and now they're all of a sudden patenting it.

  • Hi there!
    Please if anyone here know how to contact Jason. I have a son with such a issues. I am trying my best to help him. Hope Jason can suggests me something. Here is not his last name

  • You have to do whatever it takes to help your child. Don't let other people's negativity change anything about doing what's best in treating him with Dravet syndrome.
    I don't know if it happens but I'm just saying in general because he's not their son because he's yours and only yours.
    Do whatever it takes and I will always support your family even though I don't know who you are.
    You Go dad
    Keep it up💜💖💯😎🙏🏼

  • Contact Dr Rick Simpson for all type cancer or disease for pure hemp oil treatment email address ( I prayer for your quick recovery.

  • Poor dad, I remember seeing him in the documentary, I cried for them..

  • If you want to cure your illness, you will find good CBD products on the Weedborn website.

  • I hear that it cures cancer , but at the same time can cause it 😕

  • and yet it’s still illigel

  • People need to be more open minded jesus. It has so many medical purposes besides 13576645 pills a month. Smh

  • I think it’s great he is helping his child, but there are other people who have epilepsy as an adult like myself who could benefit from using CBD and he’s saying he doesn’t advocate for the use other than children. I’ve had it my whole life. There’s a lot more CBD can help with as well- PTSD, anxiety, arthritis, can slow Alzheimer’s Parkinson’s and ALS, and much more. This isn’t just for the kids anymore.

  • Them doctors should be jobless puting that kid on that many pills shocks me that retarded people are ok with 22 fucking pills but not mother fucking 2 3 drops of CBD oil



  • Does nobody see an alarming prob with our Dr.'s. The dont want to cure, the want to hook and keep. They have 45% of America on SSRI for going through a rough patch, not actual chemical imbalances. Amost all are then on for life. Its a busines model. Diff circumstances but same model. This kids Dr.s destroyed his mental aspect. They will say not to give at developing brain maryjuana, but provide them with 22 phycotic meds, and benzos for fuck sake. Its disturbing. They hook the kid on benzos, knowing no treatment or detox will risk ever detoxing a child that young, if it wasnt for the father, by the time he was a teen his benzo requirements would have been through the rough. it is well documented that nobody, zero, not one person should be prescribed benzos long term. it is supposed to be ysed short term, two weeks. kinda like oxycontin was for terminally ill stage 5 cancer patients to go out in comfort, instead dr.s would prescribe it to a 21 yr old who injured his knee and keep him on until he hits rock bottom and then kick him to the street with a full blown addiction. it would be easy to give another 50 examples of duff ways they run their business.

  • Fucking douchebag reporters

  • The evidence is mounting!!!!!!! Why doesnt a group of us get together and do 60 minutes episode to explain the MEDICINAL power of this plant!!! Lets erase the stigma and put CBD (&cannabis) in its the proper light!!!

  • God gave us everything.. even a plant that grows medicine

  • This guy with the white hair is so rude constantly interrupting them.

  • legislators trying to stop this are EVIL DEMONS that should be purged from this world IMMEDIATELY.

  • It's a miracle this precious child survived all those drugs 😥 Thank You God for Cannabis.

  • I bet it was the vaccine they gave him that started all of this

  • I 100% agree with what he had to do. I ask everyone if this was you what would you do? drug the little boy up with every posible drug brewed up or a simple fix with no side effects? if you said you would do the first option then you are a cold heartless basterd

  • Never thought I would see the day Fox News runs a story about the positive effects of marijuana.

  • if it seizure, take me , all thinking on my brain will forgets , and after a minute i will remember it all!

  • i will like to get more info about this i have my son like his any body know some one i can talk to about this ?????? please help me out

  • i want to know does it matter what side of the brain the seizures are coming from

  • time to remove the cancerous growth that we call government out of our lives…they work for US, not the other way around….vote all of them OUT of office and time for a revamp, an honest one…without corruption or lobbying ASAP!!!!!!!!

  • This man has done a great thing for his child. These bug pharma execs need to experience this themselves. Don't know how they sleep at night.

  • The problem here is,that its a plant extract and can not be patened,so anyone can do it,thats why the pharma company's are against it,you can't patent something that grows naturally,thts why veggies are cheap and nobody has any rights to them.However,what they say now is that they are organic to put the price up!

  • CBD oil at a minimum must be legalized right now. My son's Neurology Dr (sorry prepstarrhasaDEAcockinhismouth25) told us they're trialing CBD oil for another non-seizure disorder but not my son's. There is a medical need for this medicine, it's just there's too much DEA, GOV and Pharma money to lose if it's legalized. We want to at least try it to see if it stops my son's possibly terminal seizures. Our case is a ticking time bomb and any seizure could be life threatening. Prepstarr25 I'd hope would show some compassion and not be a D but these are the types of people holding us back from progress in this country. Modern medicine has failed our children in so many ways. Give us this treatment as an option. CBD is no more harmful than the side effects I've seen from the myriad of other drugs which are legal and prescribed and don't work to prevent seizures. Legalize NOW!!!

  • It didn't seem like it was much of an interview. It was just them asking very sensational questions, as if the topic wasn't interesting enough

  • On February 10th 2012 I brought my
    Dad to the emergency room with
    a splitting headache and projectile
    vomiting. We thought it was a bad
    migraine but later found out that it
    was a brain tumor. On February
    12th he had surgery and the surgeon
    told us and the lab work later
    confirmed that he had a
    Glioblastoma Multiforme IV. It is the
    most deadly and fast moving brain
    tumor you can have. The surgeon
    removed all of the tumor he could
    see. The doctor told our family that
    Tom had about 26 weeks to live if he
    didn’t take any radiation and if he
    did take radiation it might give him
    a year, we were told about RSH oil so
    we decided to try it, we got the oil on
    line through ,
    am glad to say that my dad is doing
    very fine and healthy.

  • Why the hell is this guy sitting there while his parenting is being investigated by child protective services?!

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  • This is sad legalize it nationwide

  • I'm glad he's advocating for his son and educating people about CBD's uses

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