Medical marijuana gets approval to distribute to residents in Georgia

Medical marijuana gets approval to distribute to residents in Georgia

One resident said that her family has battled for legal access to medical cannabis for years, but to no avail.




  • Recreational weed outta be legal in my part of the country

  • Georgia yall on some bs. In florida we have medical cannabis and soon to be recreational.

  • We need a federal medical cannabis law. I've been forced to use opioids for pain even though I've had a worthless ga med card nearly 8yrs. I was even kicked out of federal housing immediately for admitting to using cannabis over opioids even though I had a medical card. Charged with a felony, 4k fine, banishment from the county and probation for a decade. So since 2016 I've been living in a car taking opioids for my constant pain. And none of my pain Drs have ever accepted my State card. So I'm still randomly tested monthly. We need a federal law. The south will never change. It's just like civil rights down here. If they can leave it tied up in the courts, that's their favorite outcome. Thinking it takes the pressure off them. I've lived here all my 56yrs, and have no choice but drive my home to Colorado and leave all family and friends help behind

  • screw medical WE WANT BOTH med and rec.

  • Georgia has used it's marijuana laws to extort over 100,000.00 out of me. They use it as an excuse to destroy lives. Well, it's not a gateway drug. That's a lie. Being arrested, losing drivers license, drug tests by the probation office, that was my gateway to harder drugs. It caused me to do other drugs that I could get away with doing. If people don't want to smoke weed, that's their business. They have no right to dictate my personal choices. Nazis deserve death or deportation, not authority.

  • It is a really big impact on our society. Some people need to use medical cannabis. We hope this distribution to residents in Georgia is lit!

  • Need a plug in Athens ⛽️

  • Not one damn “minority” on that board either. I bet there won’t be one minority company that will be given a license to sell medical marijuana either. Only white folks know what’s best for citizens of Georgia. Smh

  • Republicans always talking about we don’t want kids to get a hold of it or be advised to. Yet there are more drunk kids than a little bit out there. Beer advertising in every major sport that kids go to. Plenty of teenagers drunk driving and getting in wrecks, but you won’t ban that in Georgia? Smh

  • These slow poles down south, don’t want to take their heads out of the sand. Your already a decade behind. This is rediculous

  • Good

  • Quit pussyfooting around Georgia

  • Legalize it

  • Alcohol kills


    I got out my pipe stuffed it with pot

    You better believe it held a whole lot.

    I whipped out a lighter thumbed up a flame

    Sucked down that smoke which comforts my brain.

    I tried alcohol smoked cigarettes

    They did nothing but give me regrets.

    My mom had arthritis could not walk around

    I rolled her a joint she danced on the ground.

    I thought I was losing my lovemaking knack

    After I smoked some to me it came back.

    Soon I decided prices were high

    I searched for some ground I wouldn't have to buy.

    I bargained for seeds from smokers all around

    Got in my truck and drove out of town.

    I walked through the woods where wild birds nest

    Found me the meadow I thought was the best.

    I dug up the ground sowed all my seeds

    Said a small prayer for strong, healthy weeds.

    I watered at night with a five-gallon pail

    Mosquitoes went hungry for I wore a veil.

    Seven months went by; I thought I would die

    Till the Halloween moon was high in the sky.

    At night I went out, in a camouflage suit

    Used my corn knife to chop down the loot.

    I hung it up to dry where it couldn’t be found.

    Came back and got it, when it had turned brown.

    I trimmed off the buds, stuffed them in bags

    Called all my friends and passed out free drags.

    In less than a week my crop was gone

    I flew to St. Thomas with a love hungry blonde!!

    By Kansas City Poet Tom Zart

    Most Published Poet On The Web

  • People have to suffer endlessly due to ignorance!

    It's an evil satanic world

  • O woopee…..legalize the kraap and get those crimminals selling it to our children….

  • Why Mary Jane is a schedule 1 drug is insane. They need to acknowledge that incorrect error before doing anything. Also, tobacco is more deadly than Mary Jane and a lot of southern folks will smoke a cigarette and tell you that weed is bad as they blow out their toxins in your face. Fact is folks your worth more to the government dead than alive.

  • Don't sign up for this crap, it's more expensive than black market and they take away your right to keep and bear arms

  • Behold, I have given you every plant yielding seed that is on the face of all the earth, and every tree with seed in its fruit.

  • We have been fighting for sick kids for 20 yrs.! DUMB!

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