Medical Marijuana for Minors

Medical Marijuana for Minors

Medical marijuana is legal in 20 states and the District of Columbia, but there are still use cases that are very controversial, like …




  • Shes acting so immature for an 8 year old

  • How to get some

  • Bro… little kids be smokin weed XD

  • shrinks tumours and their underdeveloped brain

  • kids shouldnt be using weed

  • Lucky lil bbbbb punk

  • Update on minors

  • If you want my opinion medical marijuana is not some magical cure-all drug like everybody thinks it is but what you do is up to you

  • weed has helped alot with my dad with cancer and me, i got diagnosed with bpd n used marijuana to help n it for sure helps

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  • Hey I’m 14 and I smoke weed my mom was having terrible pain in her elbow I recommend cbd and no pain my brother has autism and he will flip out in public and he is now taking one hit a day of wax and he is now chilled out my dad has anxiety and he found my stash tried some and is now calmed down what I’m saying is weed is not bad. As long as it is used in moderation

  • 👆👆 I got a legit darkweb kush vendor, I will be forever grateful to you

  • imagine the panic in these small children from the onset of THC infused products/edibles and literally pure THC oils.. holy shit whoever thinks this is okay needs to take a step back and think about what that shit really is and how it is not marijuana

  • this is fucking insanity, im pro cannabis but THC oils and edibles arent fucking cannabis, they are something else that barely has any research done on them to this day. these poor poor children.. this shit is why our community has such a bad reputation, oils and thc infused products are so far from what WEED is and if you believe otherwise you are fucking insane.

  • I saw this Jamaican dude giving his toddler a shotgun in a NYC subway station. This doesn't surprise me.

  • Medical Cannabis and a Good Diet are a medical necessity for all those of us who have been innocently and ignorantly consuming such hard to avoid Mitochondrial Poisonous Polyunsaturated Vegetable Oils in our diets and got one or more of many more modern thus Metabolically Caused Diseases and CANCERS. These barely existed before about 1900 when industrially manufactured Vegetable Seed Oils and foods started becoming available. You need to exclude all manufactured snacks, takeaways, restaurant fried and manufactured foods to avoid all these vegetable oils. The ideal solution for ultimate healthy longevity is to go fully VEGAN and take Cannabis Supplementation to boost your damaged Endocannabinoid System until you are better (maybe 2 years or so) while getting all vegetable seed extract, typical industrially refined cooking oils out of your diet. You can certainly use some polysaturated animal food-based oil/fat as in all animal products if you are not quite so ill or worried about living as long and remaining perfectly healthy. Best luck from your optimally self reeducated and friendly family GP Dr David who wants to see you be actually cured of all the modern diseases that are definitely so dietary-based in origin. Get my 75-page explanation with all the most informative references at

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  • My social worker said I can do it for my bipolar I’m 15 lmaoooo

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