• thats why pharma companys so mad unfortunately

  • I really like it. Let's also check out Weedborn CBD products.

  • Let’s make legal in Idaho!

  • It amazes me that there’s still states that refuse to legalize weed.

  • Rather cannabis than deadly pillsm

  • Call me a party pooper! Jesus is the way truth and life. There is a story like this in the Bible and Jesus healed the boy who has seizures. By hear and believe a person can be healed. Medical marijuana is just a band-Aid. This man is a good father and only wants the best for his son I see that. So I bring Jesus to you today. Jesus cares for you son more than you, read your Holy Bible and pray over your son teach him right from wrong and use the medical marijuana as a band-Aid but trust Jesus for a complete healing! Amen. 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  • I support it! Do what ever it takes and always include the Lord Jesus Christ 🌈✝️ Peace be with all seeking His face

  • That hat

  • I love weed

  • It's great to see Weedborn have a new product;)

  • Is might damage his brain but seizures will damage it more

  • If it keeps them alive, it’s a better option.

  • One day it will legal in our country

  • i make bongs

  • My name jaeden and I 420 every day nigga bruh


  • Is there an update on this boy?

  • I'm a little late, but cannabis is much safer then any drug they will give him to help his problems. And don't start the shit about cannabis, it has been used for centuries and has so many health benefits it's crazy

  • Medical marijuana is a miracle

  • Yet they would rather gave children antidepressants and crap that makes these poor children worse

  • The Irony is people are against cannbis for children yet are fine with the Drug Topomax. That drug has brutal side effects and even killed people. Anti convulsants are far worse than any possible cannbis side effects. Yet no one points that out

  • most doctors are reps for the pharma industry

  • state sponsored drug dealers are the biggest criminals, learn this lesson; its much more profitable to treat a patient than it is to cure them

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  • Stunting brain growth isn't something of minor concern.

  • Indeed, someone is talking nonsense. I am a chemical biologist. You are a moronic fool with a few personal experiences.

    Please read what I wrote, and get yourself educated.

  • i can tell you one thing if you use thc. there isnt going to be a commercial the next year saying if you haved used thc you may be entitled to a settlement ..wanna know why cuz thc aint going to hurt ya

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