Medical Marijuana For Anxiety | Discover Marijuana

Medical Marijuana For Anxiety | Discover Marijuana

In today’s video, Tim and Blake talk about how medical cannabis can be used to help with anxiety. Medical marijuana can be used …


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  • the best strains i've found thus far that best help my anxiety, but also not make me a mindless zombie, best is astral destiny from galenas followed by valkyrie also from galenas. the terpenes for astral/valkyrie are myrcene .83/.91% , limonene .45/89 , a-pinene .42/?0, caryophyllene .21/.48 , b-pinene16/.15, ocimene.06/?0 , humulene .03/.16, farnesene ?0/.13 . galenas also has ghee butter which i like to call diet/generic astral destiny. they also have one called solo burger which has a really nice pine nut flavor, but isnt quite what im looking for, at least for my anxiety. really anything by galenas is good

  • p.s.if i was a scientist these videos would work for me a lot better. Let's sell sprays too.

  • The guy on the left is selling cartridges and vapes in every video

  • What about tourettes?

  • I’m an older woman, 59 taking edibles and vaping to get through the day. I’m staring to worry about lung cancer etc. Anyone else my age out there and what do u think? Thanks!

  • Funnily enough, I LOVE sativas! Even though I have bad anxiety. I took an edible and that was the only time I believe I had a panic attack using cannabis. Give me hybrids or Sativas in vape form, and I’m usually fine. Though I keep getting recommendations to use an indica.

  • I use Sativas and Hybrids to curb my anxiety during the day, at low doses though. I love MAC, GSC and Flo White for treating my daytime anxiety.

  • I realized that even though I like sativa being a high focus method to use when needed, it triggers my anxiety horribly. Especially if it’s in edible form. I gravitate toward hybrids or indica to tailor my anxiety attacks and I’ve realized that breathing through them along with feeling like your in a safe space helps!

  • I'd be extremely interested to hear a discussion on Multiple Sclerosis.

  • Got approved through CUBs for my anxiety and it’s been such an amazing experience. It’s helped me so much. Not only does it help with my anxiety, I see it helping in other areas of my life as well. For me I find the 1:1 vapes the best for me. Keeps me present with my kids, yet have the help I need to keep my anxiety at bay.

  • There are times when my anxiety is super bad. Cannabis helps faster than Xanax and it has little to no negative side effects.

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