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  • I have multiple sclerosis and marijuana helps me more than any pain, medication or muscle relaxer I’ve tried
    Good thing I live in California😊

  • Newly diagnosed

  • The CUPID research trial began in 2006 and involved 493 people with secondary and primary progressive MS at centres around the UK. The MS Trust funded the cost of the MRI scans. The study investigated whether dronabinol (a chemically synthesised form of THC) might have a role in protecting the brain from damage by MS, a concept called neuroprotection. The results of the study were published in 2013. It found that there was no difference between participants who took the cannabis based medicine and those on placebo, with the treatment having no overall effect on the rate of progression.🤔🤔

  • I can tell you smoking marijuana DOES help my MS. In fact I have not had spasms in three months so far.

  • Let's get it done in the state of Texas for medical and recreational

  • Cannabis is effective in all forms. Smoking is the easiest because all you need is rolling papers and a lighter.

  • It helps. Trust me. Albeit, I hate when they find people in wheelchairs. We are not all in wheelchairs.

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