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  • I grew up in Little Italy the called Soho, were in the year 70's were Hippies who believe in a life of peace and Freedom.
    To the old school folks it was a forbidden drugs because they heard the Media forecasting it's illegal. I grew up terrified then years later becoming a mom I injected the same message to my children. Not knowing it was introduced by others in their school circle. So would if I been more educated on Marijuana good factor it would of avoided me having a bad relationship with my son, who had a tragedy a fall from a building causing him fractured wrist, lymph, and arm broken and overall a total knee reconstruction at 25 yrs of age. He was given pain killers and it is said Pain KILLER because it's what they are. It did no good to my son but created an ulcers and constant vomiting. I asked the surgeon who cared for him excellent by the way if they're any others methods because it's was destroying his stomach with the pain killers, so he said yes I highly recommend the intake of Marijuana and I was stun and though it was a joke. I today seeing my son feeling ease of pain would join and vote that this is a Leagal substance for it is a proven good medical break thru. I believe that cigarette should be banded off the market for that isn't a problem for the government to continue allowing the distribution of sale and I personally worked at a cancer hospital and seen hundreds of patients with no hope to see tomorrow. Think as well less of our children will be safer if it would be approved rather then hidden and take poison from the drug pushers in the streets, who includes toxic chemicals that radiate a negative effect in their brain.
    I don't think that a smart person would make that choice so I support it to be legalized.

  • Thanks for your video. I have Proximal Neuropathy. It's very painful and I was prescribed Gabapentin (Neurontin) and Hydrocodone (Norco), both are hurting my stomach and I would like to know where could I get the Cannabis Oil. Neuropathy has not been approved yet as one of the eligible conditions to access the therapeutic cannabis. Thanks.

  • You have My Support 110%

  • DC can no longer dictate marijuana policy so if they try it's just a case of them telling us do as they say not as they do…, in our Nations Capitol ??? Now that DC residents can legally grow 5 plants per person and carry 2 ounces then voters in every other state should be demanding the same or the end of prohibition is only legal in DC…,
    our Nations Capitol. Legalization isn't about allowing shady business people
    the (dispensary owners) and politicians plotting how they can line their pockets it's about righting the wrongs that prohibition has caused and giving us our rights back so those of us who use cannabis for medical or personal use can do so without fear of arrest and prosecution anymore.

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