• Do you push the button when you are inhaling too? That’s why it looks like but can’t tell

  • NPC instructions

  • Yooooo….u held that 🫡🤣 real OG

  • One I was struggling trying to get my pen to work for nearly 24hrs ! Lol I’m a minute into your video and it finalllly works ! Thank you. And thank you my sweet Lord Jesus❤

  • That last me 2 days

  • useless

  • Brian Wieder took a fat hit

  • Cool guy 😎

  • Your over heating the coil, that is why the liquid is so dark, and why you coughed.

  • This is easily the most cringe weed related video ive ever seen

  • Vape pen turns on but nothing is coming out ,anyone know why?

  • Interesting sir. You’re faded I can tell

  • What type of cartridge Do you use I just received my medical marijuana card.

  • Nice Rip My Dude! 😎

  • I’ve smoked carts, concentrates, and bud for a 3 years now. Only buy from dispensary’s and trusted home growers. As someone who was given tons of pills from the doctor and didn’t find the side effects worth the small benefits I figured it was time to make a change. God they had prescribed me medication that had a side effect of literally paralyzing me but my mind still wouldn’t shut off at bed time. As an insomniac and sufferer of extreme sleep apnea mj has helped me return to a normal life.

  • Where can I get this?

  • 😆

  • It’s 3 am and this dude got me laughing like crazy 😂

  • What brand is the battery

  • “Usually the vape pen doesn’t make me cough” 😂

  • That’s a ridiculous intake in one go!

  • his eyes got smaller after the hit, lol

  • Does this help fibromyalgia pain

  • "Breathe air."
    -andrew tate

  • I don't normally crash my car on alcohol. I'm just distracting my mind from pain.

  • 1:40 I don't have bronchitis but those 5 hits you took would Make me cough aswell as others that was a good hit

  • Try as I might with different methods, I never seem to get the same high vaping weed carts as I do from smoking flower. I have vaped not only Marijuana distillate carts, but live resin and rosin as well. Neither of these types of vape carts, which are supposed to be better than weed distillate, have as equal effects as smoking flower does. However, maybe I have been doing it wrong. I'll give this method a shot.

  • Great vid!! I would have never known to press the button 5 times lol

  • You don't need to hold it in or take such big hits if you are a beginner. I take 3 or 4 tiny puffs and that's all I need. I've been smoking every day for 40 years. But since I started vaping I haven't touched weed again and I hate the smell it stinks up my house. I can vape anywhere.

  • Bro got the science for hitting that cart

  • Where can I get it I know u can get it from everywhere but I wanna get the real one

  • Gear

  • Thanks I now how to do it smooth

  • Thank you for this tutorial. The best.

  • How has this lasted you a week?

  • Thanks for the video I thought my pen was broken lol

  • Thanks for this demonstration. I have problems with bronchitis too. I'm wondering if I can get something like an asthma spacer so I don't have to breathe in so rapidly. Anyone know if there is such a device? There'd need to be something at the other end of the spacer to draw the product in too. I might need to find someone with a 3D printer to help me design something. It would be great if there was something already on the market though.

  • I’d rename the video “Average NPC How To Weed Pen.”

  • the medical grade stuff is weak in ny. the mmj program is a joke, and dispensaries will charge ridiculous prices.

    There is a product called Honetown Hero that sells. /8 Tee aiche see. If you are a skeptic of it, I have used herbs since I was in my teens, and D8 does the trick.

    GIGS in Rome, NY has a lot of these products. The prices are fair. The product like in this video, hometown hero d8 purchase supports VETERANS. That’s cool in its own right.

    No mystery meat in hometown hero products.

    They come AS all vapes should. In package with a rubber seal on the battery with a cover on the mouth piece. There is also a QR code that provides lab testing info so that you know what you’re putting into your body.

    To some, it’s a light beer version, but to me, I personally feel the benefits of a good smoke session but without the stupid part of being buzzed. I’m alert but have all the benefits you’d expect.

    Some flavors I don’t like, but I’ll tell you now, the strawberry flavor is the absolute best in my opinion. It tastes like strawberry shake to me.

    That said, no purchase unless you are 21 and up in New York State. D8 is legal in most areas. Do your own research as I am not a legal advisor.

  • Absolutely gangster 😎

  • Is there any way to contact you?

  • This guys a top g

  • You trippin… that cough…. is the sign… time to hide… cause if it was me…. I would be a different person.

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