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  • it's not enough most people don't have $200 to pay for a medical card and that's why people go to the streets to get weed that laced btw because of bills or kids or other medication who is really going to pay for it we are 21 and older we know better than to smoke and drive but you will have some people who still will it's like drunk driving yeah it's that law not to do but some people still do so handle it like you would DUI you all are in charge of running this state and to see you not able to handle some like this worries us .

  • I’m sorry but I fail to see the difference between driving to a dispensary and then after stopping at the convenience store vs. driving to a dispensary/convenience store combo. Am I missing something? Either way you’re going to buy weed and snacks. Making it one stop only makes it more convenient. It’s not like 7 yr olds are going to ride their bike down to the Circle K and buy a Reese’s and a preroll to get high around the corner. It’s for existing patients who go to dispensaries already

  • Good Idea…Cannabis, Snicker's and Dorito's

  • We want weed

  • So every other store that sells prescriptions which people take that impair you is ok but it’s a problem for people to get there medicinal cannabis next to a gas station but you can go to cvs get Xanax and oxycodone with your snacks and that’s ok 👍🏼

  • I guess Walgreens couldn’t keep up with the demand? If there is a need for the service a Good business provides it. 😊👍

  • For his gas comment I'm a medical marijuana patient and it's no different than driving to a dispensary picking up your stuff they could be just as irresponsible picking it up from the dispensary and getting it in their car have a nice day make better decisions don't forget to roll up

  • Don't ever buy no weed from the gas station, bro

  • Trash weed for trash people


  • if you think it’s dangerous your just denying science. NO ONE HAS DIED from cannabis yet alcohol kills thousands each year and tobacco.

  • But it make more sense buying alcohol in the gas station. Sure mister! When America still dealing heavy on drunk driving issues. It made more sense selling alcohol in the gas station.

  • A better future for us all bring that marijuananaaaaa

  • Ain’t no way, gas station weed is real

  • They are preparing for the future when they ever legalize recreational marijiuana in Florida.

  • Tell me you have no tolerance without telling me u have no tolerance

  • You can get alcohol at gas stations, what's different about weed?

  • How do you get to a dispensary? Your vehicle. What do they sell in gas stations already? Alcohol. How many deaths per year, alchohol 140,000. Its not like itd be any easier to get from these places then regular dispensarys. Its the same steps, just more locations. We have tobacco and alcohol shops somewhere to. Are people going to die because of those?!

  • Hopefully this means we are closer to get it legal hit the like button if you agree

  • I support it



  • that one guy is an idiot. here in michigan you cannot consume in the parking lot.

  • I really hope the potheads don’t ruin it for us legit medical patients. The made it so they control the amount because people were buying huge amounts at one time every other day and were telling people they were selling it. They got to stop making medical like its recreational.

  • Aye I'm a Floridian just leave us the hell alone we free

  • *Florida Intensifies*

  • Any shop will be accessed by road. All dispensaries are driven to and from.

  • Gas and Gas

  • I'm for it but it just seems like another place it's going to sell marijuana that's pure garbage. It is so hard to find decent weed at the dispensaries down here in Florida. The Cannabis industry down here is janky at best.

  • That guy was an idiot. He can't understand why they would put cannabis next to a gas station to encourage people to drive stoned LOL. You can go in the gas station and buy liquor hahaha. Or you can go across the street to another dispensary to buy your weed. It doesn't matter where it is they're not hidden.

  • Don't ever buy weed from no gas station bro💀

  • Oh hell nah, don't smoke that gas station weed yall.

  • Imagine the crime that will grow around a CIRCLE K for people trying to get gas ⛽.

    Ohhh… all of a sudden crime doesn't come from drug use when it's the establishment selling it.

  • Just legalize the shit already

  • Listen to this jackass talking about people getting in their car and going to smoke while they buy gas but it’s OK to sell alcohol there for fucking years

  • All the stoners that drive: “it’s not that hard to do at all”

  • “WiLl It CaUsE dAnGeRoUs To DrIvE”
    Dude they are literally selling alcohol at a gas station

  • naw its a legit script, that's not white out.

  • What's the difference between picking up weed at a dispensary and getting weed from a store located next to circle k? Dude says he's worried about driving with it after getting gas….. Like…. Ppl go get weed from a dispensary and drive home with it too. Dumbass argument lol.

  • medical marijuana card is the mark of the beast. If you get a medical marijuana card you have bent your knee to the beast system and are marked.

  • Get some gas,smoke a j,and get your munchie snacks all in one place

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