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  • Here's the thing. If you have a medical card they can arrest you for a DUI anytime they catch you driving because it stays in your system so long. Don't get one. You'll get in less trouble for having weed than a DUI.

  • She dinnit do nuttin? Trial….? Transcript….? Nah, just take her word for it.

  • The handle☝️ is a good dealer of all kinds of psycheds. 🍄 🍄 and more…..

  • Literally disgusting and ridiculous.

  • The real question is, did they preform a field sobriety test? Why don't we have breath tests like the west coast does? PA needs to get with the times on how they handle weed. You can buy that synthetic Chinese shit that kills people from your local bodega. But weed? No that's too dangerous.

  • I don't believe what MADD PR says. It's a CONSERVATIVE GROUP that is SEARCHING FOR RELEVANCE since DUI is down. Just another BLOATED CONSERVATIVE SCAM to BACK DOOR Marijuana regulation when LACK OF SLEEP and PRESCRIPTION MEDICATION is MORE INDICATIVE of VEHICLE ACCIDENTS. And their is NO DATA AT ALL that MARIJUANA is a problem for VEHICLE ACCIDENTS. Institutions LIKE MADD and the SO CALLED Justice System are LOOKING FOR A PAYDAY.

  • Start to SUE officers DIRECTLY. Take funds from their pensions and sue LE institutions separately. Dept, County and State.

  • The question I have is why would you use your medical marijuana ID instead of your license? Also, were you high?

  • A card for a plant that grows out of the ground… think about that for a minute.

  • Why would you use a medical marijuana card for ID….did you not have a driver’s license!!

  • To ruin and extort not serve and protect.

  • If she's telling the truth this is very sketchy, I drive a towtruck and work with the police and everyone I talk to has told me unless someone is visibly impaired they don't even ask which is blatantly obvious but whatever I say ALL drugs should be legal but thats just my opinion 🤷‍♂️

  • That's the last card you show them. Smh.

  • I have a question. Is Pennsylvania a state with a for profit prison system? If so that answers that question. Also that law is ridiculously unconstitutional. its a presumption of guilt without evidence. The states job is to prove your guilt, a card is evidence of nothing. They better pass that new law or face a Constitutional challenge. Just get real and legalize it and tax it. The state will make way more money.

  • Having a Medical Marijuana🪪Card is a ' DOUBLE EDGE⚔️SWORD !'
    Gives the Ability to Buy Marijuana but the 'Flipside' IS YOUR TELLING ON YOURSELF ! ( a BLOOM/TAG !)
    +PLUS !!!
    The ' Tax Payer! ' Paid💵Money💵
    (' TAXES ') to the
    'The Taxer'🏛️(Govmnt!) for the
    So Called📝Privledge=(Over-Lay!)
    So the 'Taxer'🏛️(Govmt!)
    turns around and 'USES !' Those
    SAME TAXES💵PAID ! to the 'Taxer'🏛️(Govmnt)
    IS USED AGAINST the 'TaxPayer'
    to BE CHARGED with a CRIME🚨!!!
    And !!!🤪! WAAALAAA !🤪!!!
    The 'TAXER!' ( Govnmt!) PUNISHES
    or in other words 'COLLECTS !'
    USD=DOLLARS of Your+earned income leftover-Use as-You-Want-Earned💵MONIES
    Its Called ! DOUBLE💵DIPPING !!!
    Pay💵Income Tax !
    Taxable💵Purchases !
    Taxes💵Fees for Licenses/ID's
    !!! Then !!!
    Collects taxes for a So-Called Crime One has Paid for to Have the so-called Privledge to for & have…after paying💵Taxes !!!
    Double+Triple+Quadiple Dipping !!!
    This CONCLUDES – TAXES 101
    🥸Thank You Students !!!
    Smoke🌱Weed Everyday !!!
    Funny thing IS ! Colored people are serving Jail/Prison time/crimes while White People are Making and Gaining Great Financial Wealth Growing/Selling/Distributing/Sales
    from MARIJUANA USERS !!!

  • Crazy

  • And these are the people we trust to protect us? Show them the wrong government issued ID and get punished?

    I hope she sues them and recoops all her losses, with pain and suffering costs and restitution.

  • The Pennsylvania State police are not heroes. They will attempt to arrest for anything they can get you on. I was issue a citation for disorderly conduct and fighting with first responders. Amazingly at the hearing I requested those two charges never came up because this was a contempt of cop citation. I was found not guilty in five minutes by the magistrate. The Pennsylvania State police need body cameras and they’re going to fight it tooth and nail. These people are not heroes. They did not care that they tried to ruin this woman’s business. Just be glad a trooper from the Greensburg barracks troop a didn’t stop you, you may have been beaten to death.

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