Medical Marijuana (Cannabis) for Fibromyalgia

Medical Marijuana (Cannabis) for Fibromyalgia

Julie from Palo Alto, CA asks about using medical marijuana (cannabis) for Fibromyalgia. She’s been waging war against …


Dr. Rachna Patel: CBD & Marijuana Expert


  • Hello Dr. Patel! I have fibromyalgia, and I’m on 400 mg of tramadol daily. I’ve been on this since 2006, and it’s very frustrating to be on it. Where in the beginning it was handling the pain, now it’s taken on a life of its own: I have to take higher doses to get relief, but when I don’t I then deal with withdrawal pain. I’d like to be able to use marijuana, but without the high —when I was in high school back in the early 80s I had a bad experience with marijuana laced with angel dust. Being high off marijuana tends to cause flashbacks. I think that it’s my mind being convinced that the scary flashbacks will come, and I bring them on. Part of me believes that I could train myself to stop bringing the flashbacks on, but I haven’t ventured to do so yet. Now hearing that many fibromyalgia patients having success with marijuana causes me to really want to try working with it myself. What’s your thoughts?

  • CBD oil helped my fibromyalgia which I've had for 18 years within 2 days all my pain was reduced by 80% or more I still have some stiff muscles in my back but nothing like before well worth it if you have tried everything.

  • You are gorgeous 😍

  • After 7 yrs they finally helped me and got me on pain meds that really helped. I am a black woman and thru-out my life I always had issues with the basics. My 5th-grade teacher did not like me I was the only black kid my grades were good but she wanted to keep me in 5th grade because of my age and height I was really small. well, I am 42 now and my mom never knew I was in speech therapy I was in it in 5th grade but it was a secret. I am a Substitute teacher in the same district now. In college, a professor and a dean lied about me not being absent as much as I was because I have Crohn's disease and had to have my 2nd surgery and I was given a F even though we had no work or test at that time. The University President appologized and cleared it off my transcript. After that I came back and hey I was feeling good so why not do a PE class for half a summer. I could have used my disability to wave that credit needed but i was blessed with feeling healthy. The professor wrote me a letter after I reseved my A telling me I do not deserve my A but i was there always and did the work i just was not talkative enough for her so she had to give me the A.
    Now that doctor is gone and they took me back down to what I was on 4 years ago. And right now they think i took to many of my pills even though I did not I just had 2 different strengths of pills i was suppose to rotate 60mg in the morning or night and 30mg in the morning or night but since it had to be ordered I was told to just take 2 a day of the one i had and then when i get the other take that the same way. then he cut the 60 mg which means I have to wait to get the 30mg since last month they had to order it. so see now i guess I am done since they wont look at the dates or the emails from last month about walgreens ordering meds since i could not get them. will marijuana help me? I am in extreme pain plus cant sleep since i moved here and no doctor will give me the ambieni was on since 2004 or anxiety meds I was on since 2008. Antifreeze may be better.

  • can u make a vlog on cannabis and chronic fatique syndrome dr rachana?

  • thanks this was helpful

  • What do you do with suicidal thoughts in fibro?

  • I've been smoking since I was 13 and haven't always had the cleanest cannabis I'm now 23 what damages have I done to my body

  • how does one know how much they need or strength or kind of marjuana with fibro/knee pain

  • as im a fibro suffer in NZ here Cannabis is illegal, our government are trying to make it legal for medical purposes for chronic terminal illnesses, we are trying to push for more, we can get the medical grade un-funded for around 900nz a month , but of course 99% of us cant afford that, most of us dont work and are on government supported funds. my turning point is im allergic to NSAIDS, Tramadol , severdole and many more medications , so leaving me with little to actually get rid of my pain. thank you for this video

  • I have fibromyalgia and it does help but because of legalities and suspected addiction I have been banned from relief. I was able to walk nearly 2 miles everyday was able to take care of self-care with ease and I felt I had my life back. But that was ripped from me because someone who was a power tripper thinking they knew what was best for me and my family. So now I sit and wait for legalization in Kansas…

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  • Solid vid. I hope you're having a dope day!

  • thank u for info

  • so the question is if a patient has only access to the plant then how can he or she consume it to reduce chronic pain .as a reference I have had nerve blocks and also took opoids medication. this is the only thing that is helping so far.

  • thank you for your response. I am finally in an area where the plant is grown natively and I started taking 4 leaves mixed with milk which is also a traditional Indian ayurvedic remedy for reducing pain. In 3 days I am noticing some difference because I am able to get up from bed as I was bedridden for the past 1 the half months. But I am still unclear on the dosage and what is safe. Till now I have not felt high from the dosage. It is also not clear to me as yet whether the plant is male or female as it is still young. I do not have access to the oil.

  • hello how do you consume this? Is it to be smoked as a joint or do we have to use it as an oil? I can legally grow a plant here in this country where I stay now but I am not aware on what I would do later once the plant grows up thank you for any answers

  • Diaphragm paralysis then Plication of the diaphragm on my Right side 5 years ago. So… I may not be able to SMOKE Cannabis. Or can I..?? Do patches, oil, eatables help???

  • i've been suffering with fibro for 13 years now.i used to be a very strong man,was a master carpenter,and loved working hard,and even prided myself in the fact ,no one could keep up with me…mentally or physically….it started with a bad head and neck injury(worker through a roll of roofing off the roof and knocked me out)when i was first diagnosed,they didn't believe injury could cause fibro..but now that has changed..many also thought that fibro was a garbage diagnoses took several years to get diagnosed…even psyc evals….i've been on all of the meds ,with horrible side effects…the meds made it so i couldn't function or even think…always a step behind and felt as if i was wading in mud…now i'm 51 and waiting for arkansas to get the rules in place for the newly passed mmj law…..but have now found out ,that all the meds i was on have damaged my kidneys …and liver(ibuprofen)…. ..but still the doctors just throw more pills at me…the say-less salt for high blood preasure,,,then same doctor says more salt for cardio neuralgic sincopey ,,then the exact same doctors say less salt because of kidneys….so, i've changed doctors once again…uams(10 years)idiots/the one good one retired,baptist med(3 years)idiots/never see a doctor,just a physission assistant…new doctor,,he ran a crap load of tests,,came in the room,told me exactly what he sees–all correct by the way–says mmj can help you…but be patient,,…in the mean time i'm going to be working on you case…great doctor so far,,…………he was impressed with ,the fact that i quit using moderate amounts of alcohol for pain relief(it quit working/so i quit using)no fast food in more than 10 years…only healthy foods and seeds and herbs…he is the first doctor that sees how serious i take my health,this in turn makes him want to help even more…point of this is not to complain,it is to tell you not to give up..there are some good doctors out there…good doctors look at the whole picture..but i know of a few that don't believe in fibromyalgia,,one is a doctor that works at dhs ,here in arkansas……..don't waste your time arguing with those kind of peopl….keep'll get there eventiaully….i won't tell you my doctors name, cause he'strict and private…but i'll tell you how to find your own….no matter where you are,,google doctors that support mmj,or past mmj ballots/issues/initiatives etc……don't be a drug seeker…this hurts all of us…if your sick/you have a right to mmj…if you are an mmj patient,do not brag about or share your medicine,,this hurts us and our cause..treat it like you would your other meds(nobody's business but you and your doctors)..thank you……………………………..jda

  • Fibromyalgia is one one the conditions listed to be eligible, in Ohio, for medical marijuana in 2018. I am a veteran and my healthcare is through the VETERAN administration which is an agency of the U.S. Goverment. On that note I believe this is the reason they will not Dx me of having fibro. They like to call it by another name…..arthritis. As I understand the two are separate diseases. One effect bones the other effect nerves or cartilage. Is there a lab test which will identify fibromyalgia?

  • Is medical marijuana good for sle lupus as well? I have fibromyalgia and lupus

  • I only take 2 Rx valtrex and sodium bicarbonate and allergy. I use medical marijuana. I have moderate to severe chronic pain because of fibromyalgia and other diseases and also have other ailments that don't involve pain that the medical marijuana takes care of.

  • I would stay off the pharmaceutical bullshit, I was on 12 meds a day.

  • Have you ever treated anyone with both Fribro and Systemic Lupus Erythematosus?

  • i live in australia its not legal here what can i do im so lost and have tried so many things that didnt help at all

  • Is marijuana bad for the kidneys?

  • my Dr's a douche bag he would rather push morphine and fentynol patches instead of medical Marijuana. .wish I could find a dr that would understand so I could go on with my life.

  • I was on a cocktail of 7 diff. drugs.. now 0 cannabis changed my life. I still have pain but I can deal with it much better.

  • Can one safely augment with cannabis if on Rx opiates? I understand that the higher CBD can work similar to extended release because it is fat soluble and can help to reduce the Rx for opiates as well as reduce muscle spasms, help with sleep and improve mood by assisting with lifting of depression. Opiates are a blessing to cut the pain by 30 to 50 % much if the time but its still a rollercoaster and does nothing for muscle spasms. Thx

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