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  • It's really bullcrap having government legislate everything! Where there's too many people that want to dictate things they know nothing about, then they gather information from the wrong sources as some do get to feel special boosting their ego, however, so many are unaware of things that affect different people and so many others who think they know what is good for everyone else, where they're idiots.

  • No you don't have medical freedom I only like to smoke so you're a f**** Nazi in South Carolina f*** your state. You don't let me have weed I'll do something unthinkable. In South Carolina it's very easy to get certain things. I will use it I will ambush your ass. Depending on the attitude of Sergeant Friday. That's my right for you being Nazis 🥵🥵🥵🥵😊

  • I live here and it's like we are so behind the rest of the country and I can not understand why we are so afraid to progress

  • We should be ready for this form of medicine. Despite what some people may believe, cannabis may be an excellent substitute for pharmaceutical medications.

  • 4 months later NO WEEED

  • More effective and efficiency.

  • I just want my safe vape.

  • Please God pass this. People need this and it will be great for the state. It works well in many other states! Are they saying we aren’t smart?

  • My home state is controlled by the dumbest mofo’s this sorry ass nation has to offer up! These fools will try everything in their power to take someone else’s rights away from them here and keep them under the laws hand in this state! Just face it people, the law makers in this state have kept it poor this long and will continue to do so! Republican or Democrat, if you vote for any fool that holds an office in this state as of 2022 you voted against your own future and your children’s future! They all must go or nothing will ever change here!

  • Imagine telling someone who is in extreme pain that they will have to give up their 2nd amendment in order to get the medication they need. What’s next? Free speech? Stop infringing on peoples rights.

  • My god. Old white people think that it had to be legal to use. I can get a dime bag in 5 minutes if I wanted it with a quick text. The war on drugs is over. Just legalize it so we can get stoned on Friday night….. hit Waffle House…..and fall into a deep peaceful sleep. So stupid.

  • I'll have it either way.

  • We deserve recreational freedom not just medical

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  • When considering the legalization of cannabis, it is very important for us all to define what a hard drug is and understand how and why cannabis doesn't qualify as a hard drug.

    A hard drug is any recreational intoxicating substance that you can die from using the very first time you use it. It doesn't require a buildup of tolerance. It doesn't require anything other than crossing a threshold of toxicity that literally kills you because that recreational intoxicating substance was so toxic that even recreational amounts are enough to die from.

    It is equally important for us all to know and remember that ALL drugs, whether they are supposed to be used for illicit use, like cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine, or medicinal use, like the pharmaceutical drugs that so many people abuse these days, all qualify as hard drugs when used recreationally and yes, the most definitely includes alcohol.

    Alcohol is a hard drug. It is not only possible to overdose and die the very first time you drink alcohol, it is much easier for that to happen than most people would like to believe, considering how many young people drink alcohol.

    I have been 16 years completely sober from alcohol but I never stopped smoking cannabis. I've been smoking cannabis for almost 40 years and the only trouble it has ever caused me is getting arrested for small amounts for personal use. I've never sold it and I've never been involved in the cultivation of it. I'm just a casual user but I stay far away from alcohol and all other drugs. I'm not saying alcohol should be illegal. I'm only saying cannabis shouldn't be, especially when so many deadly, hard drugs are so available, and some are sold to anybody over the age of 21.

    The only recreational substance is other than cannabis that would be virtually impossible to die from the very first time someone used it would be tobacco. However, with more than 500,000 annual tobacco-related deaths, it qualifies as a hard drug by default. Any substance that kills that many people annually is not only a hard drug, it's an epidemic in and of itself. Between alcohol and tobacco alone, we're talking about close to a million related deaths annually. Just with those two substances alone and nothing else.

    Meanwhile, there has never been a recorded case of a cannabis overdose that was fatal.

    The legalization of cannabis is an opportunity for millions of people to make a more responsible and safer choice when using a recreational substance. Hopefully, people will drink less alcohol and use less illicit drugs and begin replacing the hard drugs with safe, soft, recreational cannabis that nobody has to ever worry about overdosing on.

    If used responsibly, there is very little health or safety risk. I hope South Carolina makes the choice of legal cannabis a reality for its citizens. Medicinal and recreational users are entitled to that choice as free Americans. Let's make South Caroline the next state to go green and benefit the health, safety, and economy of the good people of South Carolina.

  • Marijuana + gun =NO NOOOO! Too dangerous sweetie!!!!
    Alcohol + gun = …….

  • The only ones who can get it are retards and very very disabled people

  • Others states are making billions and South Carolina just SUCKING thumb!

  • At the end of the day ppl smoke to get high so being medical is dumb

  • Y you can't smoke it ppl are going to smoke it regardless

  • Medical freedom 🤣😂🤣😂 they just want people so doped up they don't care what's happening around them. No freedom to refuse the jab but toke up cl0wns 🤡

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