Medical Marijuana and Parkinson's Part 3 of 3

Medical Marijuana and Parkinson's Part 3 of 3

See the effects of cannabis first hand, unedited, on Parkinson’s tremor dyskinesia, and voice. This clip is from the feature …


Ride with Larry


  • alcohol, weed, and other substances should indeed be banned at the federal level. people can say whatever they want, but all these substances are drugs. and almost all drugs make stupid monkeys out of people, just look at those who drink alcohol for a long time or smoke weed.

    but if people are going to use it like in this video, then i think it's acceptable. because it really helps old and sick people, unlike those idlers who just burn their lives

  • IT'S A MEDICAL ONE, not a smoke one! Don't fool people with drugs.

  • It is criminal that here in England the UK Parliament actually fund brown shirts to stop people from growing their own medication, and no Marijuana is not a drug.

  • But weed is BAD!!!!1

  • Hey Jim Elo looks like we beat you all in the war son! Now go back and screw miss klep in the locker room. 😂

  • Yet in California I'm still getting drug tested for Marijauna for employment opportunities.

  • Wow awesome stuff

  • he definitely has a plug

    stoner vision if you will

  • 👏

  • his smile when he got up…. man we need to do more medical research on weed, like its fun to toke but this shit could actually help people's lives

  • Нарики

  • Doctors and the government want to fill everyone with garbage pills that make you worse vs a natural remedy. That's why they don't want people growing it, people make money and there would be no need for people to buy meds in certain cases.

  • Makes me wish I gave my grandpa an edible before he passed

  • Backwards, they got the disease form smoking pot laced by cops with paraquat.

  • Putting people one 20 different prescriptions is way more profitable. That's the real reason for the push back.

  • Dont use this as an excuse to get addicted to this stuff

  • The guy is still high

  • Se isso for real, mesmo (pois devemos desconfiar de tudo), esse vídeo deve ser compartilhado em massa!

  • bruh i almost teared up watching that transition

  • Cara, como que todos os países não libera à maconha, olha como isso mudou esse homem, compra vida dele vai ser melhor da qui pra frente

  • What did he take? Is it a tincture?

  • I’m sure most cops would look the other way if they caught him with weed and concentrates and stuff.

  • Benim annem içinde lazım nasıl bir tedavi uygulanıyor bilgi alabilirmiyim

  • Crazy awesome. Unfortunately I think that it'll be 50% placebo effect and also……what, you're going to spend the rest of your life high?

  • I know a lot of adhd medications have dexamfetamin in it. Guess that's similar to this

  • That is insane I would have never thought it could make that big of an impact.

  • I love Marijuana!

  • There's a cure for just isn't giving to the public

  • Круто!

  • america

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