Medical Marijuana and Parkinson's Part 2 of 3

Medical Marijuana and Parkinson's Part 2 of 3

This clip is from the feature documentary “Ride with Larry” and shows retired police captain Larry going through the process to …


Ride with Larry


  • "Every time I refill a prescription it's about $3000" that's why it's illegal in many places. Big pharma IS government.

  • Did she just say she spent 40k in there?

  • Too bad my insurance won’t pay for my medical marijuana I have CIDP and my doctor gave me script but I can’t afford it so I don’t use it

  • $3000 to fill a prescription… Sheeeesh

  • What the bud tender described about multiple meds is called a "cocktail".

  • Pharmaceutical companies are interested in preventing medical marijuana being a legitimate medication for certain diseases because they make huge profits from treating those diseases with their toxic drugs. $$$

  • It is the ONLY good thing about living in Illinois. I also have Parkinson' works as shown

  • …and this was $40. Absolutely insane.

  • They should band alcohol and legalize marijuana. World would be a better place.

  • Marijuana cures a whole lot of ailments..I was an intervert before taking the marijuana, and more confident. Good by prozac ☺️

  • Seeing him struggle breaks my heart, legalizing it will help a lot of people.

  • I got teary-eyed. I hope you are getting the medicine you need these modern days.

  • it’s crazy how people where do simple minded about weed

  • This is evil spirit's of flesh – manifestation – the physical body which is death …

    Do not use pills or drug's , that is poison for soul and spirit … that is a Hell , food for demon's of flesh …


  • I have a daughter with catatonia. I wonder if this would work for her? How is it as simple as taking the oil under the tongue?

  • A majority of Americans want this leaglized . At 60 haven't missed a day without a joint 2-3 😂 haven't been sick with a flu or bug in over 45 years since I started . And it's kept me stable .


  • Marijuana is not a cure but it helps Larry. Hope he is ok.

  • The Bible calls it Good Meat !!

  • Im apauled at how bad pharma companies rake people over the coals

  • Time to be adults about it ,but we don't want people thinking for themselves do we

  • $3000 USD?!?!

  • I’m so glad that you guys have documented this experience! 5 years later and I saw a clip of this on Instagram, I looked it up on YouTube and here it is! I live In Michigan and it’s legal here now for recreational/medicinal use for ages 21 and up, or with a medical card. It interests me to know that something so natural is so helpful, yet so feared. My parents always told me stay away from drugs and obviously as a kid I listen because, they told me that “all drugs are bad and they can kill you”. But I grew up and I learned Marijuana is actually very helpful and it won’t kill you🤣. It does have side affects that aren’t good, but mostly weed gives people a mellow, relaxed feeling. So it’s crazy that it’s gets treated like Cocaine, or LSD, and DMT, those get sold just as easily on the streets and harm your brain or kill you. And of course there’s Heroin (the death trap), Fentanyl, and Crack, but hopefully we all know to stay as far away as possible from stuff like that. My whole point is, educating the world on the medical use of Marijuana is very helpful so thank you!

  • Try haven dispensary the best

  • I wish some of these people would stop putting so much faith in doctors, I'm not saying they aren't educated & good at what they do but the time of doctors who genuinely cared about their patients has long passed & will never be seen again. It's all about money for the vast majority of them now & that is incredibly sad.

  • He's right about the medication, my mother rest her beautiful soul had a drawer full she took daily. I told her I didn't think it was necessary but she trusted her doctor. I lost her in 2017 at the young age of 68 & I believe to this day that medication she took done more harm than good.

  • Why is this 3 parts could be 1 great video

  • They didnt even card him :O .. i kid i kid but seriously i firmly believe that weed as differrent effect for everybody.. and beside were not talking about crack here right.. there should be a clear difference.. if i cant smoke my pot to have a nice night listening to music and chilling with some friends doing NO harm but living a bit of joy.. well no one should be able to drink alcohol… and the ultimate worst time i had with weed doesnt come CLOSE to the least worst of my experience with alcohol, now maybe were built differrent, maybe we have differrent way to process it but, ultimately my point is, if alcohol is widely sold and totally legal, then weed should ALTEAST have equal rights, now its only logical that weed still shouldnt be smoked while driving, thats just common sense.. but cmon now its 2021.. we need to move forward, instead of blocking and censoring everything, they should provide ways to educate common folks so they can make their own choices while being well informed, now i'm a bit biased against hard chemical drugs.. to me thats shit nasty, i never tryed it, and i will never touch it, so it might be the best feeling ever but.. the downs seems quite horrible, ill say this, weed, alcohol, coffee , you can be addicted to pretty much anything.. but everything is better with moderation, anyway thats my rant, have a nice day yall

  • Thousands of dollars per week for ONE med. Hint hint why they make marijuana illegal

  • Marijuana makes me sick. I have CHS, I get very nauseous and my stomach gets very upset when I take Marijuana.

  • Legalise it bitch

  • I think Larry just needs some really good RSO=Rick Simpson Oil.

  • My eyes got watery when he said “this is my latest thrill” :,(

    What a sweet wholesome man.

  • I'm on part 2 and haven't seen an update since 4 years ago. I hope this ends not so sad.

  • Of course they don’t want to legalize marijuana big pharma will not wanna let it happen

  • Come to Colombia and You can smoke until You die here is almost like free 🤣

  • ❤️

  • $3,000 to fill up, $250,000 then a new battery $80,000 wow. I’m a Conservative but god am I glad I live in the U.K. where we have single payer healthcare. The vast majority of Conservatives here want single payer tax based healthcare. I get private healthcare with work too (free) which only really helps with elective surgery etc as the wait times for elective surgery can be up to 3 months, normally less but can be. For things like Parkinson’s & cancer there are no wait times as with all emergency care and life threatening care all being done straight away. A prescription fill up here would’ve cost £10.00 but for many with life threatening disease or ailments the cost is free. So prescriptions only cost if you’re earning a certain amount and for prescriptions like antibiotics or asthma for example at the flat rate of £10. A lot of diabetics get their epi-pens for free etc. The treatment he had would be free and done straight away and the battery free too, well not free but we pay national insurance at a rate of zero up to about $275 a week and any earnings after that at 11%. We then have a standard tax at 20% up to $70,000 with the first $17,500 personal allowance that’s not taxable. So $17500-$70,000 at 20%. Then earnings over $70,000 at 40%. so if you earn $80,000 only $10,000 will be at 40%

  • I do wish for an update

  • I am going to be studying medicinal plant chemistry at Northern Michigan University this coming year. This video solidified my need to help patients. I was brought to legitimate tears. Thank you for sharing.

  • Hi where do i buy this product?

  • It should be available for every adult. I'd like to see responsible and well informed seller, like the one in this video. A lot of Coffeeshop I visited in the Netherlands, were like dark, run down pubs – well, a lot of them were fun. I would prefer a system like the Cannabis Social Clubs (CSC) in Spain, were you become a registered member an enjoy or buy Cannabis strains there. Now, that would be for THC-Cannabis users, that want to get HIGH. There is nothing wrong with that. Cannabis may not be healthy to Hardcore-users, but they should be adults or at least 16, which is the age you are allowed to buy beer&wine over here in Germany – a country that accepts to sell liquor at Autobahn-shops and people vomiting in front of Oktoberfest-tents. Compared to alcohol, cannabis is pretty harmless. So why not sell it at specialized shops?
    Medical patients like Larry should get it with a prescription at every drugstore and the health insurance should pay for it – that's what it does or at least starting to do over here in germany. Good luck, Larry!

  • Can I Start This In India Please…

  • $3000 for pills for Parkinson Disease???

  • Oh wow they portion it out right in front of you in California instead of it being pre portioned and sealed like people get it in other dispensaries? If so, that’s pretty cool 😯

  • He needs Rick Simpson Oil I hope he’s taking it cause that’s the real medicine

  • Omg this is so wrong!! That is absolutely criminal in every aspect. The money you pay for "medication" is disgusting who ever is responsible should be ashamed and sentenced to a life experiencing parkinsons themselves, the ones in charge are evidently extremely cruel and merciless, i wish you all the best Larry and you have my support. Jamie

  • Really enjoy it. Let's check WeedBorn CBD products also.

  • Buy him a vaporizer its Just 80 bucks for a good one and it realy bring's the best Part out off weed

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