Medical-Grade vs. Drugstore Skincare: Myths and more! | Dr. Maren Locke | The Budget Dermatologist

Medical-Grade vs. Drugstore Skincare: Myths and more! | Dr. Maren Locke | The Budget Dermatologist

In this video, I’m talking ALL about Medical-grade Skincare vs. Drugstore Skincare! Is it worth the money?!

Check it out to see me address the most common MYTHS on this topic and give you the inside scoop on the marketing gimmicks used to sell products to you at higher prices!

As a practicing Dermatologist, here are some of my approved, tried-and-true (and of course, Budget-friendly!!) skincare product favorites!

✨Favorite Eye Cream:
✨Favorite Aluminum-free Deodorant (Fragrance-free):
✨Best Budget Tinted Mineral Sunscreen:
✨Best Luxury Tinted Mineral Sunscreen:
✨Best Night Cream:
✨Best Budget Retinol:
✨Best Body Cream:
✨Best Budget Vitamin C Serum:
✨Best Mild Acne Treatment:

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  • Funny thing is every drugstore product I’ve tried including The Ordinary did absolutely nothing for my skin even when dermatologist recommended Cervae or Cetphyl these always made my skin more oily & clogged my pores so I guess everyone skin is different. I wish they worked cuz the $ I spend whew but my skin does look good so I guess I can’t complain to much 😊

  • Oh my goodness, this just knocked me down with being a skincare snob😧 I always thought using products from my dermatologist office were top of the line, very best to use and now I see The big picture. I am blessed to get these products for a very low price but sure is nice to know that I can replace them with over the counter products that will do the same job. Thank you for the education of this very confusing subject 😳

  • I LOVE your content! You talk about very important things that nobody (or just a few) does. This proves everybody can have an effective skin care routine without spending a lot for no reason.

  • HELLO,
    You are an amazing teacher. You explain everything so well. I love your HONOSTY and I appreciate you doing all the hard work. I’m 71 and sat in the sun and tanned for years. Haven’t done that without major sunscreen in about 20 yrs. I take excellent care of my skin. I still have pores, sun spots, wrinkles, I always buy the drugstore, some I get high end ones at TJMaxx. I’ve recently been studying skin care( I’m a makeup junkie too) 😂 I’m going to check out the products from your list, ( I’m in agreement with you and continue to use more affordable skin care. Thank you for speaking clearly and distinctly. I enjoyed finding your station. So I’m a new subscriber!! 🔔

  • Your Vit C link still does not work as several others have noted, even a year later. Responding to viewer suggestions is going to be important if you care about channel growth. Not sure if you will even read this but if so I hope you are open to feedback.

  • Great video so intelligently presented! You really don’t need the background music though – it just kept replaying on loop and was a distraction 😊

  • This video should have 1M views information she provides is priceless i buy all my products through your links now thank you!

  • Sheep, lol……. Yes!! QUESTION vaccines!! NOT FDA approved……
    ( love this video! Soooo thorough!!!!! Wording in skincare is BULL……..dermatologists tested…..uhh Nooooo! lol

  • She looks good today

  • How sad a freaking lotion goes through more testing then a experimental vaccine….

  • Can you please make some videos on hair growth. How to help with hair fall? How to grow your hair longer and faster? Natural hair growth ingredients? How to get thicker hair at the scalp? Sorry for all the questions I’m just really stressing about it.

  • My comment is wow!

  • Dr. Locke, the link for the budget vitamin C serum isn’t working. It’s the same as the Best body cream link. I am wondering which budget vitamin C you recommend. Thank you!

  • This is awesome! Thank you for your hard work putting this together.

  • I found your channel and wish I would of had your videos years ago. I have had Acne all my life. Extremely bad in my teens years but now I seem to have a bad blackhead problem, especially on the left side of my face. I don't have a skin care routine, except I do use a Retinol day cream and night cream, but that's it.

  • Absolutely phenomenal video! You are by far the best educator on this platform! Thank you for your time and knowledge and above for providing the general public with vital information!!!!

  • What is your opinion on ordinary products, specifically the acids?

  • the links for your fave body cream and fave vitamin c serum was the same..what's your fave vitamin c serum?

  • Thanks for the great video. When reviewing your favorites under the description portion the link to the budget vitamin C serum brings up the LaRoche Posay lipikar body cream on the Ulta site. Is there a way you could redirect it? Thanks.

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  • Great video! Link of vit c show la roche posay lipikar balm, can you please correct that, i am interested in vit c you choose.
    It would be great to hear you thoughts about Nuface Trinity devide and led masks…

  • 🙌🏽🙌🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  • Would love to hear recommendations for the whole body. Terrible aging skin on the body looks strange with a youthful looking face.

  • Love this

  • I just discovered your channel and love how you break everything down and that you don’t use product sponsors. The only thing I don’t love so far is the background music. Super distracting! Would love to just hear you talk without it.

  • Bravo by leading as an example doctor!

  • so interesting, thankyou so much !

  • would love you to do a cruelty free skincare video please !

  • The Budget Dermatologist : I am your new subscriber today ! I've watched your videos to have ideas on what to buy for my face. Today is different, thanks for the info. ❤

  • You are soooooo good, so well learned and excellent as a teacher Instagram say, lots of love from Pakistan. Will be coming here always for everything I need. Please don't stop. M 33 n just got sense of taking care of myself so I need you. Thank you ❤

  • Would love a video about what to use for anti-aging with rosacea.💕

  • I'm so glad I found this video because I'm on a fixed income and can't afford real expensive skin care products. Thanks!

  • Thank you for posting this. I do understand this concept better and plan to save myself some money.

  • Thank you! I feel SO empowered!

  • Dr. Locke, I think the link for Best Budget Vitamin C Serum is wrong. It is the same as the link for Best Body Cream.

  • Just found your channel today and ran out to Target to get all the goodies! ( based on the anti-aging video) — just a friendly fyi – the vitamin c serum link does not take you to a vitamin c product. 🙂

  • Beautiful hair

  • Thank you dear 🙂

  • What’s your opinion on SkinMedica? Effective? Worth the splurge?

  • I love your color of lipstick, could you please share what you are wearing? Thank you 🙂

  • That fact you collected interviews in addition to your other research is incredible. Your presentation is clear, concise and so approachable and friendly. You're an amazing educator and dermatologist. I just turned 25 and dove into the skin care rabbit hole and you've made that navigation so much easier. Thanks for all your effort.

  • I am so glad I found your channel, because you are very passionate about skin care and teaching. Thank you for taking the time to educate us. The way you explained is amazing and your knowledge is greatly appreciated. Can you please recommend a good mineral sunscreen to wear under make up? Love your channel and subscribed

  • Would you please suggest products to help Rosacea that are not really expensive. I am 68, and developed this about 5 years ago. I know about triggers, and have been using M.A.D.products, but cannot afford them anymore. I hope you will respond.

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