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  • i am a smoker since 1973 and have been getting pain in my right calf,and the doctor says i got mild athritis,should i take that stuff?

  • Thank you for raising awareness of the advantages and supporting them with FACTS and historical details from when it was initially investigated and utilized to treat various illnesses and musculoskeletal problems.

  • Thank you for this information. Always revealing.

  • curious if I started taking CBD 10 years ago how my arthritis would be now?

  • How it is useful to treat sleep disorders

  • Cannabis has been very effective for pain relief for me. After I started smoking it, I lost 100lbs. There were many reasons for it, but one was that it enabled me to get out and move more. And of course moving more has a benefit of pain relief as well so there is definitely a feedback loop happening.

  • smoker for years and noticed each time i took a break from cannabis pain in joints would come back.

  • This is very encouraging to see in the research realm, I am a living testament to the benefits of indica (vape and edibles) on osteoarthritis…. have chronic whiplash from multiple MVAs and it is imperative to my healthy sleep and functioning. Ironically, I cannot tolerate CBD as it acts as a stimulant for me and counteracts the sleep benefit.

  • My rheumatologist really needs to open up her mind on this, frustrating!

  • Thank you!

  • very much appreciate your upload, many thanks!

  • Thank you for bringing awareness of the benefits and backed them up with actual FACTS and parts of history when it was first being studied and used for different ailments and musculoskeletal issues.
    I suffer from arthritis and musculoskeletal issues and without it couldn't possibly deal with the pain and debilitating issues that go hand in hand with having both.
    Education and research is key⭐️

  • Amazing to see cannabinoid based therapeutics being spotlighted here.

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