Medical Cannabis: What Is Decarboxylation?

Medical Cannabis: What Is Decarboxylation?

Medical Cannabis can help to alleviate the symptoms of conditions including but not limited to chronic pain, arthritis, ALS, MS, …


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  • Why dress like a doctor if your not gonna break it down like a doctor can?… I stopped watching after you assumed I don’t want to hear the chemistry

  • Here's 4 different ways to Decarb πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦πŸŒ²πŸ‘¨β€πŸ³

  • 100 degrees is way below water boiling temp. I'm starting to think people that say decarb your weed before making edibles is setting people up for failure. I ate a nug straight out of the bag and was high asf.

  • To the point
    I like it

  • To me it sounds like he trying to ruin your weed so that we don't get the flavors

  • How many takes did this dr take lol

  • A simple explanation and thank you for that.

  • I heard you lose 33% thc in the oven is it the same with this method?

  • I wanted to know the scientific shit

  • Thank you real dr. The exact information I've been looking for. Precisely. Reason and purpose.

  • πŸ₯’

  • You dont think i want any info on the chemistry? How wrong you are doc. That is actually exactly why i clicked this video. I bet your not a real doctor.

  • but I wanna hear about the chemistry

  • I think it sucks what he says . When you pick it from the flower and its dry and you dont heat it and EAT it well i promiss you you get high as fuck ! So so far the THCa story ??? Explain please .. i make oils of it and yes i heat it up in my Rice cooked .. but its really not neccesarry to decarbox the shit but thats mine opinion . Smoke it eat it or make a Coco crΓ¨me of it .. its all goood !

  • mindless mumbo jumbo just break it up and put in the oven for 45 mins to an hour on a low temp

  • I have mast cell activation disorder. I have read that marijuana stabilizes mast cells. I had some once that really worked very well but I didn't know the name of it. I was wondering if you know which brand would be the best for me. I also have ehlers danlos syndrome, chiari, and had my spinal cord detethered five years ago when I was 62. That's when I found out I had EDS. I've moved to Delaware and am currently awaiting my card so I can get off the morphine I've been on. Thank you for this video it is very informative!

  • ive been told this process makes the marijuana directly consumable and youll get high… true or false?

  • Do not be fooled by this bad scientist and his white lab coat. There is something very important to know that he did not tell you. The numbers are not so much the problem it is the fact that water in a crock pot will only reach 212 fahrenheit at or below sea level. So where I live it is 956 meters above sea level and water will only reach 195 degrees maximum temperature. The weed will not even get started to decarb below 200 degrees. It would only be possible to use a water bath using a pressure cooker with a pressure relief valve set for 212 degrees at any altitude above 150 meters. You might just as well cook it in the pressure cooker at 250 degrees for 17 minutes and be done with it. Or if you are not very handy they are making and selling an automatic decarb machine and you might just as well but the new THC portable tester to go along with it. I love the green rush.

  • Can I smoke decarboxylated weed?

  • Hi can marijuana help with my eczema

  • Thanks 🐢… If I then make food with it, do I have to be careful regarding cooking temperature? As in, if I bake some biscuits πŸͺ, is there danger of releasing the THC….Should I only put it in low temperature foodstuffs? Cheers πŸ‘Š

  • It needs to be into the oven on the baking dish, covered with foil and the temp.between 80-100 C, then let it cool and use it for any kind of purposes

  • No, that wasn't helpful.

  • 100 minute… I wouldn't try this. 27 minute last time and the weed got out with that perfect brown and green colors

  • Ok this was pretty good info. I'm going to save this one and try it.

  • so using a mason jar and a slow cooker would be best? if i got over 100 min what happens?

  • Did anyone try this?:)

  • How do i decarboxlate the flowr to make an antibiotic

  • Thank you for the *NUMBERS every one kept telling me what to do but wouldn't give exact time and temp! 100:100

  • sweet video man

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