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  • I have NEVER been a smoker. I hated the way it made me feel. But I have been addicted to 30s for the past 2 years. They other night I ask my friend if I could try some of his weed and I havent brought a pill in 3 days. Today is the 4th day and I'm sure proud of myself. Pray from me you guys to keep going strong. THE WEED HAS HELPED IN SO MANY WAYS.

  • I've been tapering off Suboxone for 4 months & If I didn't make my cannibas tea every night I wouldn't be able to sleep it takes away my muscle & leg pains. This puts the capital on what doctors should be helping with their patients instead of putting scripts for pills. I take baths in CBD but it's not as strong on my body aches. Cannibas tea saves me!

  • Guys please don't be against Legalizing cannabis It is not what it is set out to be You're discriminating it for all the wrong reasons I've been fighting for illegalization since 2016 And I had a tragic in the family This wasn't due to Marijuana She needed marijuana To get off other Chemical substance Cannabis really needs to be off of schedule one And math needs to be moved to schedule one And for the people that don't know That is the schedule for abuse Marijuana doesn't have abuse I think marijuana should move remove the schedule too And math be removed from schedule Too Press schedule one so they can Study it The reason they can't study cannabis Because it's on the wrong schedule of drugs for all the wrong reasons because it's all about race The street value cannabis is bad But if we regulate this and legalize it nationwide It will give us better access To save for a clean Life and health

  • Complete bullshit If kicking heroin & you try to just smoke weed to come off your be sick af & wanna die

  • eventually your opus receptors can naturally activate themselves at certain times when you use nicotine or even cbd. the withdrawals from opioids only last for like 48 hours unless you abuse it

  • Medicinal Cannabis is a medical necessity for all those of us who and seriously ill with a multitude of chronic medical conditions and cancers and have been consuming metabolically poisonous Vegetable seed extracted cooking oils in our diets. The solution is to go Vegan and take medical-grade polyvalent cannabis supplementation until you are better while getting all vegetable oils out of your diet. You can use some polysaturated animal-based fats/oils, that are in all animal products if you are not quite so worried about living as long as reasonably possible while remaining perfectly healthy. The logic and the references are all in my 75-page booklet which I can email you. Request at email:

  • News seems so old fashion and like watching WW2 news reels.

  • I'm going to try it.

  • You should always try mushrooms too.
    Psilocybin whill take care of your nervous system and emotional problems

  • I smoke a bowl before bed to help with restless legs from MM. works great! Last mg of methadone this month. Thank goodness for legalized weed here in 🇨🇦

  • It's all trading one for another. I've been a opiod addict for quite a while and I've been on suboxone which is just as strong as oxys, been on methadone which was a absolute NIGHTMARE quitting when I had to quit. There is a thing called "rapid detox" that is done by hospitals that actually put you in a coma for like 12 hours while they flush your brain with naloxone and since you're unconscious, you dont feel anything. You wake up sober and no urges.. why dont they talk about that?

  • This bitch said dreads reggae and tie die 🙄

  • Wow if only our politicians would for once read the facts instead of the old legends about marijuana that aren’t true and maybe we could have a society that isn’t laying people in caskets over an opioid overdose every 10 seconds

  • Here is another story of medical cannabis and opiod addiction.

  • I'm totally with you guys about this being a medicine but do you know a new study came out that Donald Trump adding chemicals to the plant so he can get his way so they can continuously Sage because the plant so they can still benefit from pharmaceutical drugs killing people when cannabis has did nothing but once you add a chemical to cannabis you will still taste the chemical that they use people need to realize that medical cannabis is not what they think it is the only reason they have higher potency and they can control the numbers they have it's because they have their own chemicals that's how they can tell by next year Donald Trump's going to make history come true he's adding chemicals to the drug so we can get very sick and he can get his way and rip cannabis from the US

  • good video very informative

  • Lol racist dr referring to back people by say you don’t have listen to raga to use weed lol

  • No gloves for putting those needles in that girl????!and she touched all over them before she stuck them in her!!!!

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