• You can use Weedborn Oils to improve your health.

  • Thank god there are organizations out there like rsdsa to help us CRPS patient it’s sooo hard. I’ve tried many things and they don’t bring enough relief I think I’ll try Cbd

  • I read the slide show and I must say it is very informative. So many cannibus studies have been done yet so many politicians will say there aren't enough studies to determine the long-term effect of cannibus.

  • Slides below. Thank You, Hannah R!

  • I live in Washington state, where this is all legal. I think that the medical program doesn't exist anymore. I have CRPS, but every time that I try THC/CBD I get the bad side effects of anxiety, forgetfulness and sounds become very amplified. From what I have studied, this works as a NMDAR antagonist. I already take memantine which also works as a NMDAR antagonist. Is it just possible that I'm getting too much of a good thing? Is it just possible that this doesn't work for some people? Pot always confuses me, but doesn't help my pain at all. Thank you.

  • This would be even more helpful to see the slides that the drs are using. I am sorry for being repetitive🦋

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