Governor Kristi Noem


  • Lying B* tch took away our legal Votes then sued us with our own taxpayer money! Vote this Traitor who aligns with Election Deniers and Traitors OUT!!!

  • I am high right now. Thank you.

  • I'm helping myself with Weedborn CBD. I think this is the best medicine.

  • Reason why we want recreational is we are capable of deciding dosage on our own without the help of a doctor who may have foolish biases and a hefty bill at the end of the appointment for medication with minimal risk involved (no risk at all for those who study a product before they use). It takes away the freedom from those who are poor further giving reason for them to go the unsafe route and buy from the streets where the product isn't tested. If healthcare was free than get as many doctors involved as you want but for now treat marijuana like advil, to each their own discretion, the safety label was clear.

  • You are such a lying, deceitful, disappointment to our State. You should go lie down by your dish.

  • You make a cake filled with lies & frosted in a layer of deceit.

  • The will of the people? You don’t care about the will of the people, you act like a damn democrat. You get 2 lap dog sheriffs to sue the state using taxpayer money to overturn recreational marijuana and then drag your feet on medical trying to make it has hard as you possibly can. Then we the SD Supreme Court not issuing on recreational use. It really is beginning to sound as if this state’s govt’ is as corrupt as the Biden administration. I don’t think you will get re-elected, further more the 2 sheriffs need to be replaced as the supreme court needs to be replaced too.

  • You belong in prison for blocking Amendment A surreptitiously and illegally! You are corrupt!

  • How much air time did you spend tax dollars on to keep putting your fool face on national tv during sporting events over the last few months to keep saying the same b.s? Worst governor ever!

  • "In 2020 the voters of South Dakota spoke up and approved medical cannabis."

    Hmm I seem to remember the voters also approving recreational cannabis as well… She is sure quiet about respecting THAT will of the voters though and how she basically went against the people for her own personal agenda….

    Such a pathetic excuse for a governor.

  • 🌴🔥💨😎

  • What an amazing governor! I love this woman!

  • That was a carefully worded statement by the Governor. She failed to mention that the people of South Dakota also voted for Constitutional Amendment A, recreational marijuana. She also failed to mention that she is currently challenging the "will of the people" in court on the grounds of constintuality. It is well known that marijuana is being slow played by the government, a government that has a long history of ignoring the voter. Take her words on this subject with a huge grain of salt.

  • This should have been your message in November after the vote and the state should have been prepared July 1st. You do not care about the will of the people only about your own political ambitions.

  • The voters also approved recreational cannabis. But what did you do??

  • How about the gun violence problem or climate change instead of the border problem no one cares about

  • We have legalized medical marijuana in Oklahoma and really it has wound up being recreational marijuana🥴😄. Foreigners have moved in and are paying 5 to 10 times what land is worth, to get into the pot business. Marijuana has become so expensive, it is cheaper to buy it on the black market, just like the old days. The one that is making money on marijuana is the state of Oklahoma! And that is a true fact!

  • How much is this Ad campaign, refuting everything she has actually done in the last year to prevent enacting this law, costing taxpayers?

  • I won't believe anything you say Krusty Noem, not until you get your shit straight and stop fucking with our TRUE votes and OUR decision, it is not Yours to make. We have made it, yet you want to diminish it. Sorry but, I didn't know this was North Korea…

  • God created mankind in his image; in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.
    EWTN News in Depth: On a mission to report the truth. UNDERSTANDING GENDER IDEOLOGY.

  • You're not getting my vote next election. Because apparently it doesn't matter if I do or not. You will twist and turn that too. You don't care about the will of the people or voters.

  • Gov Noem and the conservative activist Court subverted the will of the voters……..its like the GOP hates voting and democracy now.

  • She is corrupt, a liar and does not respect the voice of the people. No effing way in 2022.

  • Liar! You told the people in your state 'that they made a mistake voting to legalize marijuana.' South Dakota overwhelming voted YES on both cannabis ammendments and you went against the will of the people. You helped brought the lawsuit to the Supreme Court and now fate is in their hands. You personally may not like marijuana, but the PEOPLE voted for it and you used the courts to stop it. Time for you to go. Reefer madness, Kristie Knoem needs to go. We don't another Jeff Sessions in government. Small government and freedom my as*. Sounds like socialism to me.

  • Change lanes to keep the money in the pocket and the votes in the booth. Noem, I knew you were fake when I first saw your campaign ad with you wearing clean and spotless coveralls. Fake! The good things you do will never outweigh the lies, nepotism and people pleasing.

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