Medical Cannabis Potency Testing

Medical Cannabis Potency Testing

I have been talking about cannabinoid profile for the past 10 years and it all started when I first walked into the Green Cross …


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  • I hope the bearded friend is fine. Cheers from Portugal.

  • You look like an awesome guy man

  • I believe you might be interested in our SRI Instruments Model 420 GC being released next week. I enjoy your videos, thank you.
    Summer Goldsmith
    SRI Instruments
    VP of Media Outreach Networking Model 420 GC

  • Bro that's a beautiful machine but it's not the best to test for cannabiniods accurately, gas chromatography vaporises the sample which is no good because it will de carb the canabinoids but bro, really really really nice piece of equipment I wish I had one

  • Aw man I would kill to mentor you

  • love ur passion man … u are my hero

  • Thanks again for all this info .,

  • I could watch all day

  • So Dope JB. stoked

  • bless mike

  • Hey i know that room. Peace John B …

  • Good Luck Mike!

  • The med garden was like o man, uniformly sexy… then that machine sent trembles thru mi body ultrasexy… #Teamfukcancer we winning every day, we awake. .🙏🙋

  • Exiting video, with the new machine and Mike's operation, i hope everything goes well!
    And John, i cant wait till you post a video how that magic box works  😀

  • Hi,
    It would be very interresting if you could compare the results you get with your dream machine and the results given by the cannadx analyser from mydx. I'm sure you can manage to get one. Did you hear about it?

  • hope mike is well

  • Thanks can't wait.  this is great what an education.

  • Get Well Soon Mike!!!  Rock this, no worries!

  • Good luck to Mike you will be in my prayers also can't wait to see that machine in action

  • What stain is that in the beginning of your video??

  • Another great video! I can't believe all the info you can get with testing.

  • Wow!!!!

  • beautiful grow room at the beginning

  • nice john great way to know your meds and narrow down doses and strains very impressive equipment keep it up love it

  • Beautiful Garden!!

  • I'm cant wait to check out all the testing you do John.  Awesome.

  • That's awesome, can't wait to see your results!

  • Good luck mike, hope all goes well bro.

  • The machine is a real step up for the channel, looking forward to it 🙂

  • Fun! hoping Mike has good results and a fast recovery! 🙂

  • great video johnny b..that testing machine is tight much it cost for one of those and where can i find them?

  • Good luck Mike! Hope everything goes as smoothly as possible and you have a speedy recovery. Stay medicated

  • You are my hero!!! =)

  • good luck Mike! Cant wait for the testing john really looking forward to the upcoming content 😀 stay meddy stay safe

  • what is or are the strain(s) shown in begining of the video?

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