• Didn’t I hear him say he had his Arizona medical card while he was talking to the bud master? So why is he playing dumb?

  • As they stand, Florida's MM laws are BS. Patient's aren't allowed to smoke buds. The high THC products that Trulieve sells are expensive and would be considered hard drugs in the Netherlands which has about 35 years experience with tolerating weed.
    By law, patients and their caregivers aren't allowed to grow their own weed. It's time for complete legalization. Allow the free market's competition to make this plant affordable to all.

  • I’m planning a visit to Trulieve Orlando next week. I’ve heard good things about their products so I’m excited. Being in constant pain for 10 years has really brought me down.

  • why does this have one dislike

  • amen man im a DAV too enough said

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