Medical Cannabis: Patient Experiences

Medical Cannabis: Patient Experiences

In the final webinar of our three-part webinar series on medical cannabis, Dr. Schneider chats with three individuals about their …




  • I realize you published this interview back in 2019 but I am SOOOOOO grateful "today" to have come across your video. I'm heading to your website once this presentation is over. Thank you 🕊🕊🙏🥰🙌

  • with MS it is important to take disease modifying therapies to stop the progression of the disease itself but many of the symptoms and antagonists of daily physical issues are dealt with using medical cannabis. Muscle spasms, stiffness, anxiety, sleep, appetite, depression, pain, motivation, nausea, & that's just what inhaling it does for me. There are also skin issues that topicals help me with skin rash which apparently is another symptom & topicals that I use for pain. Topicals are not usually mentioned much in these forums but there are topical gels, creams, balms and patches that can have no psychoactive effect but can directly impact local pain as well as transdermal topicals that can go a tiny bit further. There are some new emerging oral forms that can effect you faster for persons needing relief that does not take an hour or more to start to take effect.

  • Medical marijuana has helped me with Tourette unbelievably, it is very good to have as a source for my confidence!!

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