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  • Underfunded and understaffed.

  • This is a monopoly! why is this legal?

  • Hello from Colorado !

  • We're soo behind with times man.

  • Man just make THC recreational use CBD is not THC

  • Atlanta should of been legal that's weird

  • Hey, Hayley! How you doing, cuteness?! 😘 #LegalizeIt

  • just say No

  • keep it illegal. it is illegal for a reason.

  • vote No

  • WEED will Fuck up your taste buds

  • when you play politics deepest pockets wins. curaleaf dominates fla.. its owned by a russian billionaire. govt does not care about you.

  • This is a state sponsored monopoly. Laughable when we say freedom.

  • Why is it that only six companies will receive a license???

  • Basically the government can get the money or the streets , go vote on it

  • Make legal ALL AROUND..!

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