Medical cannabis is on the rise – but does it work? | Epilepsy, Chronic Pain & Sleep

Medical cannabis is on the rise – but does it work? | Epilepsy, Chronic Pain & Sleep

It’s thought as many as 100000 Australians self-medicate with marijuana illegally – for everything from back pain to sleep …


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  • I used to have epilepsy but weed basically cured me. People must stop thinking it's a bad drug 😂😂

  • My doktor was advicing me erlier today to smoke weed in the evning before going to sleep. Becouse i have tried over 10 diffrent kind of epelesydrugs over the last 48 years and no drugs works for me. But weed does. I tryed hash for the first time at the age of 17 and noticed that i did not get sizure the day after i smoked.

  • 😍

  • 100% works! Changed my life within the first minute and a half of my first vape of it. This is after 20 yrs of back issues and surgery on it. Was able to rough house with my kid two days later for the first time in his life. He’s almost 10. I do a 3-5 vape as needed and also use it in capsule form 2-4x a day. As needed. Prior to using I was having major muscle spasms and nerve issues up too 25 x a day. So bad that it would double me over and my family or coworkers would have to help me stand back up. Or walk even. Taking this as medicine I’m anxiety free, pain free and able to have a functional balanced life.

  • Often it seems the effects on pain releaf seem to work on a much different and more unpredictable basis when compared to traditional pain medications. I have known many patients who have had enormous success with it.

  • Can’t even pronounce her words, some OxyContin, Manufacture paid her to do this. So they can make up for getting their Asses sued off!

  • More Fake News! Get lost $itch!

  • Cannabis is one of the best things our world has made for a multitude of reasons. It and psilocybin can treat most of what ails us

  • I don’t use cannabis but it should be made legal here in all states of Australia could you imagine the amount of jobs and tax revenue our government could make there would be no need for Chinese money ever lol

  • Legalise it!

  • No pain…no gain…turns people into disgusting cockraoches.

  • Hi. I think you need to take your time and take a quick trip around the Weedborn site.

  • I really love the video you posted, it is always super helpful and informative. Keep posting such amazing videos, I love watching all your videos.

  • Following a TBI and epilepsy, I developed chronic migraines attempting to re-enter the workforce after completing my ADV DIP in mech/it engineering – basically things spiralled out of control and at great expense I’ve ascertained it’s all related to the strain; higher CBD (or Sativa) gives more pain control but THC (or Indica) is more effective for sleep related conditions & yes I’ve had consultations with the highest qualified professor (Stephen Davis) in the country, who actually achieved little more than my GP (Murray Porter) who directly told me unequivocally we can’t help you – I tried moving countries which was beneficial for a short time but, as has occurred previously my brain changes. I will not enter into my opinion on what has occurred following a ‘perfect’ rehabilitation – I know what took place and I know what helps my medical condition. I do hope the police are understanding of our medical conditions.

  • I was cured of Epilepsy by a great herbal Doctor called Salami_healing_herbs on Instagram with the use of his herbal remedy.


  • yes it work. indian all ready discover it 1000 of years ago in ayurveda

  • Lowers my blood pressure without the need for prescription meds. The prescriptions give me headaches and other side effects.

  • We should be open to this kind of medication. Some might think that cannabis is harmful, but cannabis can be a great alternative to prescription drugs.

  • Research into cannabis is difficult..because foolish governments don't want to admit they have been wrong for half a century…

  • I find if I don't have my cannabis for at least two to three days that's when I start having nocturnal seizures and mood swings so that's all the clinical study I need having the smoke don't have any problems as soon on I don't well bye reality I'm going somewhere else for a few minutes

  • Christians say your using drugs or your going to hell but read the bible in Genesis 1.29 smoke all you want. do not judge me the medication for epilepsy is hard on are body I smoke and I like it. It has helped me a lot.

  • Let's see i was on chronic pain medication for 13 years since I had a terrible horse riding accident and because of the accident I suffered from severe seizures which was uncontrolled despite the fact that I was taking several tipes of medications, I've been seizure free for almost 8 months now and I'm no longer taking pain or ati seizure medication just using weed, I've been using it since it was decriminalized in my country and i now no longer suffer from the pain in my tailbone and I no longer have seizures, i can't wait to be seizure free for 1 whole year for the first time since i was 11 years old.

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