Medical Cannabis Inhaler Review (Altmed/müv 1:1 CBD/THC Inhaler)

Medical Cannabis Inhaler Review (Altmed/müv 1:1 CBD/THC Inhaler)

Finally getting around to reviewing one of muv’s most intriguing products, the weed inhaler! This works just like any other inhaler, …


Anthony Drew


  • What States carry these inhalers? Cant find them

  • In Maryland. Where can get plz?

  • Is it because your have a 1:1 because you don't feel it? If you get the thc specific would you feel it more ?

  • Thank you for the video I just got today my inhaler and work very faster How many pumps do? My asma have number the I can control how many times I can used but not this inhaler

  • Tippy top

  • I had them and flew on planes with them, the live resin leaked when in pocket I got the 1000mg /10mg a dose . Now I’m medical in Louisiana my inhaler is 25mg a dose

  • How do you get one of those? Do you have to get a medical marijuana card to get one?

  • 69th like :')

  • Im diagnosed with a braintumor. This looks perfect for me i do have a perscription but live in the netherlands.. can i get this product too?

  • How about asthma and having allergies is this safer then the plant itself

  • MüV’s instructions are to inhale it slowly for 10 seconds….

  • "Before we start the video today I got pre-baked…" Fixed it for you.

  • Would y'all like to give me free products to test out and make videos on too? I am medical marijuana certified but have yet to try any products yet. God Bless You, Sincerely, Love, James

  • yes that makes sense thank you.

  • Any chance you wernt feeling the full effects because cbd kills ya high and ur using a 1 to 1 ratio

  • oh here it is

  • Did I miss where you can get this 1:1 inhaler?

  • Check out WIlnocon for smell proof bags, these smell proof bags are discrete and legit

  • 420th sub 😂 that's crazy tho a whole ass inhaler for thc

  • I got the THC inhaler, and I really like it a lot!

  • 💛💛💛💪💪💪

  • Awesome bro telly appreciate what you do for the community

  • Nice video 👍🏻✌🏻

  • Good information, would you recommend this for a first timer? I have a relative that is repulsed with smoking/vaping, but I may be able to recommend something like this. How is the throat irritation as compared to a cartridge?


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