• Great video. Alcohol companies like Miller are totally against medical marijuana in Wisconsin. There are too many drunk alcoholics in this backwards state.

  • where do i find a doctors in wisconsin that would help out with medical cannabis, Eau Claire wi email me @ fyibill@yahoo.com thank you, Bill

  • Great video! You did a really nice job, keep up the good work!

  • Actually, Gov. Doyle has been for medical cannabis all along. Before his election, in 2002, while still Atty General, he told me at a St. Patrick's Day fundraiser he would sign a bill if it reached his desk, and he has reiterated that numerous times when asked. It was only late this summer, and after the Holder decision, that the press picked it up in a big way.

  • thanks! I had more time to put this together. Each Mary and Gary show was put together the same day it was filmed, so thee are some rough spots. But now that Mary is no longer with us, I'm very glad she let me document those last 7 lobbying trips to the Capitol.

  • @DrumInfected yep your 100% right he acually is to my complete suprise! but he hadent announced his feelings about medical marijuana when I had posted that comment. so ill pull the other one down due to it being untrue.. thanks for reminding me.

  • This is prolly my favorite video you have made so far. Very informative and nice slideshow of pics and info about your diagnosis

  • Actually Gov. Doyles been totally for medical marijuana. wrong facts

  • Finally, the magic 420 views!

  • Good to see the counter moving now and then. But will it hit 420?

  • As of July 30, the view counter has been stuck at 303, and the tags disappeared and I can put them back! Great job YouTube!

  • I've already contacted by representatives and asked them to co-sponsor and support this bill. Let's hope it passes this coming session. Wisconsin needs medical marijuana!

    Thanks for the video, Gary!

  • great work Gary……..

  • ya our state is a bit behind ;(

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