• Good Report, i didn't know that GB is in the Schengen Agreement but we had a similar Situation in Germany that patients bought in Dutch Pharmacies because it is much cheapter than in German Pharmacies and there were long discussions on facebook if that is legal or not…

    I was also surprised that at that time Cannabis could be prescribed in so many Countrys, i don't think that this is true… The only country was the Netherlands, in Germany ist was a difficult process and i don't know of other countrys in Europe where you were allowed to use herbal Cannabis for medical reasons.

  • legalise it !

  • the only other option we as medical cannabis users have in the uk to control pain is opium based drugs like morphine . so disappointed . ive been on morphine and tramadol for pain for 15 years now it dont work and i think its slowly killing me . not mentioning the other long list of side affects . jokes .

  • Why would the government let innocent people die and prevent them from using cannabis as a medicine. seriously fucked up.

  • The UK herb laws are an embarrassment to citizens like myself..WHEN THE LAW IS AN ASS,WE AS INTELLIGENT BEINGS HAVE A DUTY TO DISREGARD such foolishness..Grow on UK..Fire bun dem dutty Babylon..

  • Come on UK government, come on Amber Rudd, start treating the electorate like adults. …..and in answer to Richard Longmore's assertion that David Cameron was a fucking cunt….history has proved that to be and incredibly insightful political comment. What did Mr Cameron and Osbourne actually achieve?

  • England is so lame and slow to do even the most common sence things. David Cameron is a fucking cunt as he smoked cannabis and won't legalize it even for medical use

  • That girl with ms who posts it to her mates is amazing

  • if thats the case why are they peddling sativex the mind boggles

  • Legal or not, it really doesn't matter. The great thing about a plant is that it grows by itself! the ingredients to painkillers like morphine are Caustic soda, raw opium, ethanol etc., the ingredients to cannabis are water, sunlight and soil.

  • I'm so desperate you wouldn't believe.

  • dont make sence alcahol is 10 times worst agresion rape and stupidaty wuu

  • Almost 2015 and still not legalised, fuck you uk

  • Why are the British hanging onto prohibition so  adamantly?  I'm sure they know about the US patent from 2003.  Just greed and corruption. 

  • Just legalise it already

  • An European Citizens Initiative to legalize cannabis:

    The European Citizens Initiative 'Weed like to talk' aims at making the EU adopt
    a common policy on the control and regulation of cannabis production, use and sale.

    There is currently a heterogeneous legal map as regards cannabis policies in the EU. The question of coherence and discrimination is worth asking.

    A common policy on the control and regulation of cannabis production, use and sale would:

    (A) ensure equality before the law and non-discrimination of all EU citizens
    (B) protect consumers and monitor health security
    (C) end cannabis trafficking

    Let’s leap toward the legalization of cannabis and the harmonization of national legislations accross the EU.


  • Anyone near to Aberdeen (Scotland) able to hook me up?

  • The government are the real criminals here.

  • Follow @legalisehempuk on twitter and sign the petition today and join the fight to legalise the herb we all love!

  • end of the day the government only cares about money not lives.

  • If you smoke cannabis in Britain and would like to do so freely and without fear of arrest or confiscation. If you want to go to a green shop and buy you're medicine from a friendly vendor with a huge selection of some of the most potent strains of cannabis available. If you want to boost the economy while at the same time refusing crime. If you want to put violent gangsters and drug dealers out of buisness then please take 5 minutes to sign this petition.


  • hey lets start a campaign against all the other drugs that are legal after all paracetamol can kill you ,damage your liver ,steroids used for treatment of inflamation in the lungs can cause serious mental health problems .and there are plenty more to mention.

  • bastards dirty bastards jailing this man is a total outrage good god what are we going to do with this country 

  • its sad how the government can do this to people 

  • i feel so sorry for that guy going to prison! wtf is wrong with this country?! how can you live with denying a plant to a guy who says his life is unbearable without it and then punish him? it is so so sad.

  • I do not recognise the right of governments to tell me what I can and can't do when those actions only affect me.

  • Fuck the courts. Governments have no right to legislate against personal freedoms and any such such laws I will ignore as illegal interference. What I do in my house is my business

  • /watch?v=d7fa4gV06pg

  • Legalize it!!!

  • Sign the petition to make it LEGAL in the UK!! we need at least 100,000 signatures for the subject to be passed to the house of commons! Look up "E-petition Marijuana Legalisation"

  • this guy's a fuckin arsehole i hate how this is edited. and why do reporters all have the same tone of voice!?!? be a fucking individual don't just copy every other journalist, christ!


    Want to make a difference? Please take 5 mins to copy and paste the above then sign this petition so we can force the government to talk about it and hopefully get the ball rolling.

  • i have no medical reason to smoke cannabis. i just smoke it recreactionaly. even tough the law is stupid, i would take a nicking if i was caught growing/smoking. but these people who obviously do need it for its medical properties should be left alone!

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