Medical Cannabis In The Maine Courts

Medical Cannabis In The Maine Courts

In this scene from WEEDIQUETTE, Medical cannabis patient Garry Godfrey was kicked off the list for a kidney transplant because of his marijuana use. Now, he’s …




  • it's disgusting that they wouldn't give somebody a kidney transplant and they would have to have a vote on something like that anyway just because somebody smokes pot! And for all you potheads out there that thought Biden was going to do anything he's just as much of a jackass as anybody else!!! I smoke ,I grow ,I live ,I love! And I do it all legally in Virginia

  • Thanks for the support everyone

  • Our socialist politicians in Me. would stop this if they could.

  • this is the kind of factual and personal content people want.

  • niga y df dat hammer so bigg¿

  • God i love living in Oregon

  • She didn't even blink haha thas right!!!!!

  • I Watched the 34-Hour Vice Marathon and It Turned My Brain to Mush

  • Medical marijuana is a god send for PTSD patients, and that's one of the most prevalent issues facing soldiers coming back from serving. If the Republican party and corporate democrats really support our troops it would only make sense to make this life saving medicine easily and legally accessible. Congress, please stop killing our veterans

  • Congrats on getting to that next stepping stone my friend I wish you the best. ❤️

  • I hope that he gets his transplant and continues to smoke weed🤘

  • That hammer shit was trippy AF

  • Give us cannabis or give us death!!! I live in NY and while they are taking strides to legalize it here, it is still very hard even with glaucoma I still cannot receive a medical marijuana card. I'm going blind… I can't see and I'm in pain. This plant is the only saving grace I've found. They had me on pain killers and benzos for my eyes for 10 years, and since I have been using cannabis every, I have quit taking all of those and I am doing so much better. My quality of life has improved dramatically over this last year. I have more Drive to actually want to do things with my family even though I can barely see now. It has saved me and many others I know.

  • Cannabis really is stigmatized heavily in medicine. They will often take away your medications if they find out you use MMJ. I have met more than a few people with chronic and life threatening illnesses who have used MMJ with great success but must keep it secret from their doctors and care teams.

  • Why doesnt he move to a different state then?
    Or is that not how it works?
    If i had to move to save my life, im moving, no problem.

  • Do a vice o. Lv shooting I know plenty of people who were their

  • Anybody know how this works I work at a job that drug test you but you can drink on your days off

    so if my state legalized weed will it work like drinking just don’t do it when you have to work

  • hope 😇

  • First!

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