Medical Cannabis in IBD (Part 1)

Medical Cannabis in IBD (Part 1)

Hear as Dr. Arun Swaminath provides an overview of medical cannabis, including research study finding, and policies around use …



  • Truth

  • Smoking anything toxic to our human body

  • Many patients are saved by cannabis.

  • I will use Weedborn CBD products this time πŸ™‚

  • Cannabis made the difference between wanting to live and die, eating and not being able to.
    The people in positions of power are imo criminals to prevent the use if this medicine.

  • Cannabis full spectrum oil and strong pro biotics saved me from the surgeon taking my colon.

  • All I know is that it works wonders for anyone suffering from IBS, Colitis, or just plain nausea and constipation. It’s literally the most effective treatment there is.

  • what about cannabis smoke ?

  • I am 17. I have Crohn's and I have found that canabis usage )eaten not smoked) has helped with nausea and bomiting and gut pain. Gowever for me anyway, I have found that my diarrhoea episodes have been on the increase. I don=t know why as I can't explain this.

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