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  • Do not legalise it! It's bad! Very bad

  • i use a cancard, i recently lost mine and am waiting oon a replacement, but without cannabis whic hi use for two conditionsd, one for my ibs, it really helps, anbd 2 for my rad, in which every day of my life i think of my oparents ding every day all day iut paralises me with fear that if im not with them they will die, its a dread and when i use cannabis those feelings stop those thoughts go away and its allowed me to get a job without fear that il miss my parents dying

  • Feel like I’m watching in 0.75x speed with her voice

  • Anyone have any guesses to when it’ll be legalised?

  • Legalise cannabis and make money on the TAX

  • The UK is so out of date on this subject it’s embarrassing. Just legalise it now!!!!

  • Peace ✌🏻

  • Everything is a rich man's trick 🤔

  • Legalise it.

  • its not drastik i wood not be hir if it wasent for my smoke it makes u happy and get on

  • Just buy it of the streets or online easy as ordering a pizza strait to door by royal mail

  • Hopefully will move forward from this point. I'm glad Sky News is sharing this video, let's hope those who make the legislation cop on to the modern day era.

  • Legalize it!


  • It's legal in other countries so why not Britain ? Is is because they make good money off all the fines ? I think so.

  • Decriminalise it and leave us alone.
    Stop trying to make money with your "cAncARd"

  • Come on that time weren't a coincidence 🤣

  • I want did one

  • What a coincidence, three people with the same name. Good one sky

  • It should be made legal now!

  • Lol old channels are still my preferred choice,

  • what's the difference between someone that needs it but can't get it but get the card someone that can get the card it bullshit why should they be the ones the say okay they need it but they dont its bullshit and am only 22 anyone and all should have the right to buy it from shops for from overs and even grow it if we wanted its bullshit they or the ones that or making the off side off the so much £ cuz its the only way for us to get it

  • Barbaric. Give the old dude his doobs. Why is the UK so behind?

  • cancard doesnt mean it's legal….

  • Absolute joke of a country. Jesus Thailand have decriminalised it. UK total joke

  • I've been a cancard holder for a year now it's an amazing organisation,
    We need to push to add the cultivation to the card allowing patients to grow their own medicine.

  • I’ve been using cannabis for chronic pain since I crushed 5 vertebrae in 2008 and I still have to break the law and grow my own medication.

  • how can that man & that woman both be called THE SAME NAME ?both are called CARLY ?

  • The medical root to legalisation in the uk won't ever become reality as we have a nhs and they aint going to fund it

  • This is just an ad for the cancard

  • is the site down? it won't let me log in.

  • Drugs are winning the war on drugs. Love to see it.

  • Legalise and Herbalife the nation! Simples – How outdated is UK! Let people choose their medication how complicated is that????

  • Basically the way it’ll be is a tax on being able to not get prosecuted with possession.

  • I'm sure the workers in the Factories that grow it in Kent get it as gifts, like Gallahers used to hand out sleeves of 200

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