Medical Cannabis Helps With 10 year olds Autism

Medical Cannabis Helps With 10 year olds Autism, took part in the important ground breaking research Joey …




  • A 5-10 pill daily routine cut it back to 2-3 pills and incorporate cannabis.

  • It has despite being so common is yet underdiagnosed and missed many a time due to the lack of knowledge about the disorder.
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  • He's still a cute young boy!

  • cannabis oil prepared correctly will probably help more than eating it in brownies. Rick Simpson cannabis oil recipe saved my life last year when medication for chronic Lyme disease damaged my liver and caused more damage to my body. I was basically bed ridden and couldn't eat nor could I function for a over a year. 2 months of treatment with cannabis oil saved my life.

  • maybe it just calms his brain and gives him peace

  • Finally a Doctor that wants to Help and not get Kick backs and Kill people slowly!

  • We can't grow a helpful harmless plant but the government can make all the addictive harmful pills they want?

  • Its the big drug company's that want to keep cannabis ban because so many people would stop taking there drugs and opt for this way less costly and far safer option. There is almost no way to over does and die by Marijuana you would have to want to die and i dont think Marijuana would be someones choice to kill them selfs with you would fall asleep long before you even got close to death or would just give up and go to jack n the box

  • withdraw and adiction should not be a problem if it is going to be a medication you are going to be taking for the rest of your life.

  • Weed, a plant grown on Earth, which can't kill you, is wrong.

    Yet pills, produced in factories and will KILL you if you use to much, is ok?

  • They say "more research needed" yet they are find with medicine that people overdose on.

  • Ofc he loves everything when u give him marijuana! Munces

  • Think it's anything w/a apostrophe in it!

  • Spoke too soon! Won't print it at all!

  • Don't understand why YouTube won't let my IPAD microphone spell the word DON'T?!? Like in my last comment! Works fine when typed!?! Weird!!

  • Timothy Correll: I have been using marijuana for almost 40 years and have never heard of a way to use it intravenously! I would like to know about this way of shooting cannabis as it is not water-soluble! I'm not saying that you're a liar but I don't believe you and I think you have your facts mistaken.

  • I may also drink liquid marijuana at times. At times, I may also eat marijuana leave specifically cultivated to be eaten. Vaporization of marijuana is another way I would sometimes consume it. I would never smoke it like cigarettes nor ever shoot it like heroin (yes, pot, like most other drugs, can be consumed in such a way).

  • Bob Marley's marijuana is also always laced with alcohol and/or illegal drugs that really are dangerous. Don't be naive, adameld.

  • Your brother must only be smoking weed laced with other illegal drugs that truly are dangerous. Otherwise, he would be the polar opposite of a complete ass hole when he uses weed in any form (smoking or otherwise).

  • For what it's worth, HAD is hyperactivity disorder.

  • I also have Aspergers Syndrome (which I was diagnosed with a 3) and I have severe HAD, OCD and PDD. I still take garbage pharmaceutical medicines like Clonazepam (A.K.A. Klonopin), Risperadol and Zoloft. These medicines work marginally well for me at best. Once marijuana is completely legalized worldwide for people 4 and up, I'm forever exclusively going to take whatever strains of marijuana in the form of the pill Marinol for my forms of Aspergers Syndrome and never look back. 🙂

  • When weed causes anybody to do the horrible things you mentioned, it is only because it is laced with alcohol and/or other illegal drugs that are truly dangerous. Pure weed causes people to do the complete opposite of the horrible things you mentioned, adameld. Get your facts straight, son. Or is it troll, as a vast majority of the people that say these bad things about weed that are 100% false are?

  • That's exactly the reason the gov ban it, the paper, textile, oil, plastic and drug companies would all have major competition from THE PEOPLE growing it in their own back gardens. It's all the above mentioned companies that fund the government.

  • Joey is cute 🙂

  • thats beautiful bro

  • wow you have a nice face

  • I have an autistic child. Her autism is not as severe as Joey's.We have never had her medications other than natural supplements and OTC meds for colds or fever. Now, at 16, for 2 weeks out of the month she can become VERY VERY hostile from PMS. A non-verbal autistic teen does not understand why they feel the way they do. It gets harder to calm her down during those times. If I wasn't in TX, I would definitely look into an Rx of medical marijuana for her. God bless this woman for saving her son.

  • Hello! Thanks for this helpful video. By the way, I hear lots of people keep on talking about Autisemrox Solution (do a search on google), but I'm not sure if it is good. Have you ever tried home treatment called Autisemrox Solution? I've heard some extraordinary things about it and my buddy completely help to solve his child autism problem.

  • A life saved, the corporations wont be happy. I am however.

  • Dude stop it. Cannabis is a medicine and we are trying to get it out there and all your doing is trying to bust people.

  • doctors can be assholes sometimes beacuse they prescribe all the bad chemical drugs instead of safe natural weed. medical marijuana should b the first drug they were given by the doctor be cuse its safe and healthy and has no side effects im glad the mom gave her boy the medical marijuana the mom seemed nice and the kid looked happy

  • No, it just makes him look ignorant. Anyone with half a brain knows the difference between use, abuse and addiction, the latter being physiologically impossible with marijuana…

  • See, it's people like you that make marijuana look bad. It's not about partying or just "getting high." It really does help and promotes a calm attitude. Then people like you say "This kid is fucking ripped off his ass all day long," and it makes us all look ignorant.

  • I'm pretty sure he's in a better space than he was,,, and alive to boot!

  • The Union best documentary out there.

  • For a long time I was completely opposed to marijuana in any form but I have seen a few documentaries that have really waked me up. Marijuana is not as bad as the system tries to paint it. It helps many ppl with various conditions like ADHD ADD… seizures epilepsy and other diseases. I am happy because to the first time the gov is actually beginning to conduct tests on the subject.

  • What kind of soulless pp dislike this?

  • I was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome at 13, and was severe ADHD. I was on ritalin since I was four and the dosed upped until it was 100mg a day (20mg 5 times/day) I was bullied throughout school, barely had friends, then in when I was 15 I discovered pot, It changed everything, I could actually talk to people and start conversations, I became great at making people laugh, I wasn't "that" kid anymore. My grades IMPROVED. I am 20 now and off Ritalin.


  • I thought about weed when I was working with my autistic kid at the daycare. It's makes sense.

  • i smoke weed for yrs and i had to stop for a nice job. i dont have a prob eating or sleeping at all…… not symptoms of happy or pissed then the norm preson…. as for my eating i ate like a pig before i started smoking. the only thing weed helps me with is to think better…… now as for my brother he is an asshole when he smokes weed….( i am the b/f of this person)

  • Weeds good for you

  • "withdrawal symptoms" LMFAO, dr. drew you are sooo funny 🙂

  • @Bambambicbic the shit they grow these days and how they lace it – yes. If you ever want to try the stuff – make sure its home grown.

  • Lmao! you all know you wanted to see the little guy blaze it! x)

  • Dr. Drew is all about disinformation

  • The only problem I have with this is Dr. Drew's using the word "addiction" in regard to any type of marijuana use. It's outrageous to hear experts talk about actual physical addiction, like what heroin addicts have and marijuana in the same sentence. At the most what develops is psychological dependency for possibly 24-48 hours. You do not go through withdrawal from discontinuing the use of marijuana.

  • The only problem I have with this is Dr. Drew's using the word "addiction" in regard to any type of marijuana use. It's outrageous to hear experts talk about actual physical addiction, like what heroin addicts have and marijuana in the same sentence. At the most what develops is psychological dependency for possibly 24-48 hours. You do not go through withdrawal from discontinuing the use of marijuana.

  • And even at that people using it illegaly may not even care to think about what they are doing in the cop/government point of view.

  • Do what you have to do for your kids…..

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