Medical Cannabis Grow Show

Medical Cannabis Grow Show

THE CRAFT GROWER. Season Two. The more you know, the more you grow. The Medical …


Chef Derek Butt


  • Miss you my dude you was one of the first I found growing on youtube

  • My step father has stage 4 lung cancer, he did the full chemo and radiation plus he kept smoking still here nearly a year later so chef Bs efforts didn’t do any better than what he calls the evil way by oncologists .

  • Why not just eat the muffin before you shoot the video?

  • Great show

  • There are way too many carbohydrates in most vegetables except greens never mind muffins Derek. It is known that cancer feeds on sugars. Flour, organic or not burns at the same rate as white sugar on the glycemic index. Inuit lived thousands of years with little carbohydrates. If I eat 1 piece of sugar free home made bread almost all add ins like flax meal, oatmeal, wheat germ, hemp seeds, maca root,…. when on ketosis I stop losing weight for 1 week. Just my thoughts. Cancer is like that rat. Give it any hole it gets in. Be sure that dirty rat is gone before you relent ok! P.S. the new store may be full of volatile Hydrocarbons. Better Winston handle business now a while than you.

  • How many plants can you grow? I suffer from chronic pain and I’m thinking about trying pot and tossing the 8 different types of pills I’m taking. I only tried pot when I was younger. If I go with pot I want a good number of plants so as my need grows I don’t have to worry about more paperwork.

  • Hey Buddy Looks like you need some Tom Cat Kills Anticoagulant Resistant Norway Rats, Roots Rats & House Mice…. Each Bait will Kill up to 12 !! And on the Cat only problem with that is 1 you still have the Cat lol After the Problem and make sure that its a KILLER !! On the Dog Jack Russell Very Good Dogs 100 % all the way around Sir. Quick Story worked on aLarge Horse Fox Hunting Farm and all of the Days MUCK would all pushed into a very large pile and if it has sat there for a bit it was a Large Muck Pile and all the Dogs Jack Russells would Dive into the Muck not seeing them for a you would just see the pile moving Weird here comes all the Jacks Coming out with RATTS Hanging out of there Mouths. Crazy so on the dog thats a Good one. Hey Thank you sir Keep your head up!!

  • Great vid chef you look and sound great✌💚

  • Hey Buddy it's cruel but try bird seed & plaster of paris, mix it together, they eat it & it sets in their system. All the best Dave

  • 👍

  • Check me out on YouTube today 02. 22. 2019. at 5.00pm. Vancouver time. I am going live on the Grand Master Level Show. Hosted by HLG Canada.

  • For the rats put peanut butter

  • Peanut butter

  • Was diagnosed with carcinoma in the floor of my mouth in aug 2017 had it removed in oct 2017 along with lymph nodes in my neck and half my tongue.did not want to have kemo or radio therapy as seems too destructive to healthy cells for my likeing & my NHS medical team were and still are very supportive. its over a year now & so far (fingers crossed) im cancer free. i gave up smoking tobbacco as soon as was diagnosed and now self medicate with canna chocolate and a vapouriser. Sending you LOVE, PEACE & GOOD VIBES for your recovery, stay positive buddy
    Cheerz BAZ


  • Wise words

  • Hang in there chef. Praying with you

  • Get a ferret the scent will deter the rats alone the ferret will fuck those rats up

  • I love your videos chef, i always look forward to your videos.

  • Looking good brother I tell everyone about your fight with the Big C keep &how your ahead in points heading in to the championship 12th round I’m beating on you with A TKO! Brother!🥊So keep up with what you are doing it’s working ✌️👍. Plus I can’t wait for the flowerless baking I love to wake n bake so when your book is dune I can Wake n Bake Bake ✌️

  • I'd love to join a cannabis craft grower community! Germany is in ! 😀 PS: I'll blow over some clouds from Europe haha

  • I'm glad to see you well. Food and biology is one part of the matter, the other is spiritual-mental (as seen). My uncle had a tumor and had good results with QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique), I know it sounds weird but it seems that it helps a lot, try it Chef if you have time and some practitioner nearby

  • Try laying down bread and a ring of sticky traps around it,or have a bucket with bread or food in it with a piece of wood as a ramp for him to climb and that he will he will want the door in the bucket then fall in and can't get out if you put a bit of oil on the bottom feet won't grip and he can't climb

  • Looking forward to this Friday's show!

    Watch the vid. For rat problems

  • 👍✌😎

  • I would of though after all the years you’ve lived that you would of learned to not talk with your mouth full or Cham..

  • Also try a Electric Rat trap , runs off a 12 v battery .

  • Hey Chef, maybe a trip to Cuba? they have a cure for lung cancer, check it out. Peace.

  • Can’t wait to see you in the gml show , those guys are giving us growers , great info and help . And the hlg 550 is a total beast .

  • Chef you are good man. One love!

  • Chef Derek has a butt, its the slime that collects on them charcoal filter, Filter Element,,,he keeps his pants up way better than the skunk bag hanky Braun bumpeled Wangers claiming bacon and French,,These slop commenting need a Un-,Ise try the Pun,"Comed For Your Laundry, Roth. Comed For Your Laundry!" Not to a Turtle,,,as a means of ending noise rough on the planet, and if it all smells like gel,,,Shit what grade of Bonsai uses shit?

  • Is Jiffy John no maintenance since Jun 9th, Thump an Electrasols Interstate blue tab pisser pill, or a corned burrito?

  • Tequila rocks and molasses, in old dino egg Fart rocks well it goes fair as it fares, but if the over ripes of straight make vinegar, and if the amount of preprepped canned ragweed barbeque tastes shitty like hotdogs or worse, they might a needed demand at vinegar, not idiots…the Old Leaf polish or what idiots.,,and when the old forest molasses pepper pine spruce, when that goes to cane and such other than soy,,,and this and that else in waddle flask mouse trap.

  • No kidding, 4 month shit, and really fire your Oncologist, have you heard of prank embalming military paragoric flast like Invega, National Observer, State Observer,,,No more Human Jagger Soap leather butt, 5 takes McCanned. And that's the tweaks coffee Robocop Carfentinal in the hospital, every slime on Ghost Ride,,,and its a puss of latex sticky….Seaweed, vinegar,fruit juice, mollases honey, and Fish water…make sure you rich yours aquarium….spritzer boi

  • you look you are doing very good, keep up the good work.

  • Hi Chef

  • Thousand views & 125 Likes, hmmmmmm 10% roughly. Come people. Thanks Chef B.

  • Hehe you need to get two big ally cat's , they'll take care of those rats.

  • Darn that muffin 😍 Looks soooooo good

  • Oh and quick update… made my own RSO oil with Hexane… and OMG… very powerful stuff… recommend you at the very least give it a try as the solvent.

  • Oh and if you have trap… they love cooked bacon! And don't assume there is 1 rat. They come in plagues. If you see one, it's the spotter. If it gets away it'll inform the plague. You'll learn all this tricks if you live in the sticks!

  • My cat is a Chartuex cat, the best ratter there is. Get a male as they are really big… my cat is called Heathcliff… killed 6 rats in 2018 and 48 mice! Leaves them outside the door too. Oh and he's 9kg… Normal weight. Check out cat101 on youtube for the breed.

  • I wish him all the best and I hope he will prove the docs wrong on the estimate. But I do not agree with the black and white thinking of that matter and I said that before here. There is that "5 years survival rate" to rate a cancer therapy. My mom beat that with doing a chemo on stage 4 cancers. Still she is aware of the danger that it can come back. He is willing to write a book just 4 months in after the diagnosis. Where does the ignorance for science comes from I don't understand! Doctors who research for the healing of cancer don't just do it for money. Most are affected in some way too and just want to beat this disease.
    And about that "feeding the cancer" thing. How can we exclude the constant heavy smoking of cannabis in that? I was a smoker long time ago. I know how it makes people delusional.
    I don't want to see people beating the 3-4 months estimate of the doctors and growing their ego's on that. I want to see a 5 year+ survival and ongoing health.
    I get that people are afraid of doing a chemo and researching the internet will not help in that regard. So much misinformation and straight up bullshit out there. A chemo can save a life when done correctly. Good luck though.

  • Greets from Ohio.Love the Show Chef, Just blast Ozzy in the grow room and the Rat will run for the hills.

  • Rats are anemic small pieces of glass you can buy it will bleed to death

  • Keep making eating healthy and taking your oil we need you to prove the pharma wrong

  • this episode is called- chef eats a muffin LOL

  • Favor to you Derek 👍

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