• I have cprs I was very addicted to benzos and narcotics for my pain and anxiety ive been sober off narcotics and benzos for 9 years now thanks for medical marijuana I feel much better now that I'm on medical marijuana when I was on the pills I felt like I was living in a fog and wasn't able to function well being with my family since I have been on medical marijuana im able to play with my 10 year old daughter and more active

  • What if someone shows up high at work ? Will they be fired ? the boss cant allow one employee come in high and the rest not

  • But can your nerves not become dependent on the cannabis? So it makes it worse over time? What happens when you stop taking it?

  • Weedborn is full of amazing CBD products. These have helped me tremendously.

  • I started using Weedborn CBD five months ago. It is the best option for me.

  • Thank you

  • I want to give a testimony on how I got cured from cold sores and herpes Virus. Few months back with is herbs 🌿 all thanks to #Druromi on YouTube💕

  • Could you please add a link to the slides for this talk? I'm very interested in seeing them. Thank you.

  • I have CRPS and I want to do this!!! I have stuck to Cbd and was surprised the immediate difference when I put it on my hand!!!!

  • How can we get your slides?

  • Err… umm… 🤯

  • My C.R.P.S brought on such a deep depression and anxiety was horrible i was given opioids and was overdosing accidentally constantly so i started smoking and its so much better it's 1,000 X Better and safer

  • If you're looking for the CRPS information skip through the bullshit and go to 29:34 but that's pretty much useless.

  • What a joke! I have CRPS STAGE 2 and I used medical marijuana, after you get used to it, it stops working. The money you spend will make you go broke!! Sorry but opiates work better, if you know how to control them. After smoking a quarter of indica and a gram of kief and not getting any relief, money is Up In Smoke!

  • no one has ever overdosed on cannaabis !!

  • yes it does help with pain Im so greatfull for it.I never in my life would I ever have to use a drug like this.Talk with your Dr.s I dont abuse it I do it with the oils they work very well. NO NARCOTICS!!

  • So right how much cannabis helps! CBD drops under my tongue daily has helped me so much. I'm no longer on opiods i've been on since 1994. i can finally sleep.

  • I stopped watching because you kept saying uh and umm… Please acknowledge you did this next time

  • You need to stop saying um … Just stop taking and collect your thoughts… Lol if i smoked a joint every time you said um or uhh I'd be the first person to OD and die from Cannabis

  • Um+Uh…. ×1000… Lol it's ok i get nervous speaking too.. But you're killing me

  • Much love for you brother. You're doing gods work

  • America is insane .. Jump on cannabis legalization… Your state will be rich and less people burden the healthcare system

  • First thing I've found with cannabis and crps in the same sentence… And its RSDSA awesome stuff

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