Medical Cannabis for Autism: Science, Practice and Policy

Medical Cannabis for Autism: Science, Practice and Policy

Michelle Wright is the Maryland-based mother of a young man with severe autism whose condition markedly improved with the …


National Council on Severe Autism


  • SSRIs never worked (we tried every one out there), but farm bill hemp CBD with small amount of THC Delta 8 has been amazing. I call them electrical brain storms where he suddenly melts down… The farm bill hemp totally reduces these storms and brings him calm, anxiety free for a 3 to 4 hour intervals.

  • I think that Autism and Schizophrenia are remnants of the recent cataclysmic history of our species, namely the advent of anatomically modern human hybridisation with other species within our genus.

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  • I was hoping that Obama would have been able to get it rescheduled while he was in, but alas

  • Makes me crazy when people say CBD didn't work but THC did. You didn't use enough CBD. If you go by the amounts on the bottle, it's not even close to enough for what our kids need. Where it says 4 drops, I was using 3 dropperfuls because I had a doctor and a CBD expert helping me get my son off antipsychotics. It took a year and we eventually added in THC, CBG and CBN.
    If THC works, then CBD works, you just need a lot of it. Irritability comes from the body getting the itch scratched too lightly. They're now aware that CBD enhances how well THC works in your body. A THC booster if you will.
    Also, buying from a reputable seed company and growing your own is far superior to buying anything at a dispensary, in my opinion. I can grow enough for a year from one grow, have it tested for less than $200 and know exactly what I have. It's easier to control your own grow conditions than depend on a grower to do it the same every time in a mass grow.
    I enjoyed your podcast, lots of good information. This needs to be a more normalized conversation. Thank you for putting this information out there!

  • i recommend microdosing mushrooms, it has really helped me on anxiety, depression and ptsd🔝☝️look up that handle, he got shrooms varieties, lsd, dmt, molly, ketamine, cannabis, coke and ships swiftly,a mycologist that guided me..

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