• Also, to the UC Davis vet at the end "THEN DO THE FUCKING STUDIES". They won't because to publish the fact that cannabis can effectively treat a lot of diseases cuts into the profits to be made from patented drugs, chemo, radiation, and surgery. Same lame excuse from medical doctors.

  • Yes works great for cataracts and small dogs too, they love Lazarus naturals pet CBD oil drops , they appear to be a lot happier and loveable

  • My dog had his first 2 seizures a month ago. He is 15. They said it might be brain cancer and he may go at any time. He has been on dog CBD oil since the day after his seizure and has not had one since. More then that his entire quality of life has changed. He's as active as a little puppy. Jumping and running. So happy. The CBD oil. Has helped him in so many ways. It is truly a miracle.

  • The veterinarian is an idiot who is brainwashed .

  • My dog is alive due to CBD oil. She has severe epilepsy that didn't respond to medications. She also has 3 legs and all 3 have very SERIOUS problems. Our vet reccomended euthanasia after she was also diagnosed with a tumor or mass in her brain. Her 45 + min long seziures were killing her. Between the ineffective anti seziure medication and the all of the medication for her arthritis … she also developed hemorrhagic bleeding in her intestines…. the vet said it was time to put her down but we just couldn't do it. She is only 3 years old. So..
    we tried cbd oil. 8 drops a day on a piece of bread…. and she LOVES it…. unlike all her other medications that were a fight to get into her. She has not had a SINGLE sezuire since 2 weeks before thanksgiving. It's now the end of April. Shes off ALL of her other medicine as well. She is running around like any other 3 legged dog… who has legs a that are all uneven lengths… lol.

  • Stupid ass vet. "We dont see enough anecdotal evidence to support this helping pets". Well..we dont need your "professional" opinion and you are protecting your career by treating animals with your concoction of expensive and sometimes worthless treatements just so you can make a buck and support your career. My dog Tahoe(pictured) has been on CBD and is 15 years old! Walks every night with me and has a excellent appetite and still plays.

  • lmao that puppy got fucked

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