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  • As a medical cannabis patient in the Uk we need more doctors to speak the truth and come on board to get people to see the plant for what it truly is and that's its own pharmacy in a flower…..✌️👍

  • Living with a virus for eternity is something you need to sit down and think. There is a cure for any type of virus and diseases. So why listen to people who will discourage you and not give you cure. Alternative cure for any type of virus, diseases and STDS available.
    1; HSV1 and HSV2
    2; Lupus diseases
    3; Cancer
    4; Human Papilloma virus (HPV)
    5; Crohn's diseases
    6; Diabetes
    7; Sickle Cell Arnamia
    8; Herpes
    9; HIV
    10; Neratitis
    11; Diabetes
    12; Pile
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  • The quote by 'Jefferson as appealing as it may be, is actually a hoax. It first originated as so many things do as a modern day internet fabrication back in 2008. Again later it was reiterated and could be found in print in the Detroit Free Press and it also appeared in newspapers in British Columbia. One other use of it can be attributed to US presidential candidate Gary Johnson who repeated the quote during a televised interview back in 2012.

  • Not a real deeptalk keynote, but some new and interesting infos.

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