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  • "Cannabis is a gateway drug." LOL Bolt is Australia's answer to Forest Tucker.

  • it’s not fair really even five days after smoke can show positive and test

  • I should take 10 of my oxy contins & drive strait though a police station.ohh sorry about that
    It's says do not drive a motor vehicle if affected/ so it's up to me..I have 56 in my hand now..

  • Im a criminal because i smoke a little bit of weed instead of drinking alcohol….
    Your laws are inhumane….
    Make criminals and enemies of people who want to contribute and help build our country…..
    25yrs and not once has it made me violent or gatewayed me to worser drugs… ive lost no friends from driving on pot but ive lost many friends to Alcohol

  • And cannabis shouldn't be illegal you backward idiots!

  • Gateway drug? My ass it is, if you get high, your not interested in other drugs. Weed is the LEAST harmful/dangerous substance out there, in fact, it has a hell of a lot of GOOD properties, the only reason it's illegal is because it replaces over 1,000 different meds. If we had cbd oil or pot in general available, then the giant pharmaceutical company's couldn't peddle their crap meds and make any money. That's all it is, Money, they don't care about people, they care about money and recognition for their "Inventions".

  • I’m voting to legalise cannabis to grow at home and if it’s not allowed that means it’s only for the rich to get richer and I will be voting that Government out . And go the cannabis party 🎉

  • we just wanna prop up crime. not legal business.

  • people who think you can't smoke weed and then drive, are stupid !!! it's just because thats the law. stupid laws ! and stupid people.

  • and if people want to find out, then you can test my driving !

  • you can have a smoke and drive, never had anything ever. never hit another car, no problems at all. but don't use alcohol or other hard drug, and then drive !!!. people on weed dont step hard on the gas paddle. weed does help people ! and they can still drive. but not people who only smoke to get very stoned !!! people who use it for a problem, adhd,add, pain. then it's alright ! just don;t drive if your too stoned. only ban poeple from driving if they used a men made drug ! ! ! NOT A PLANT ! NOT cannabis. only hard drugs and alcohol what also is a hard drug and people die from ! but hey commercials full of alcohol and tv series full of alcohol and oh thats all so NORMAL to take… blaa up side down world it is ! weed should be the first med that people can take, and if that not works, then pills from your doctor., not the other way around !!!

  • you should be able to drive on cannabis, as it doesnt impare your driving.. alcohol does

  • Very few people are voting these people in. That is why it is done in pencil, so it can be erased.

  • I disagree entirely with the notion that cannabis should be legalised as a sort of cigarette type of drug, what we should be doing as a society is having a massive debate about the so called Net Zero (death sentence) policies, this is more detrimental to the livelihoods for all Australians. Don't be swayed by the media nonsense, lets go back to common sense governance.

    Come on now Australia.

  • Funny how Mr Bolt is more fried than the pot head is

  • treat it like a tomato plant ,,, simple ,, THINK

  • Were not all mindless stoned hippies. Bolt…look to the ppl at your left and right, one of them is a smoker

  • Cannabis is no more of a gateway drug than alcohol or tobacco is… Seriously people need to do just a tiny bit of critical thinking, but I know that is something society has steered away from in recent years…

  • Gateway drug my arse alcohol is the gateway and causes more than half the violence in the world

  • A gateway drug? Ahh, I see the U.S propaganda has stuck. Let's talk about a gateway drug, Alcohol which kills over 5000 people a year and cigarettes which kill way more than that. Yet cannabis directly kill zero, yep 0 per year. Which is worse Bolt?

  • I'll take any test that says me smoking pot effects my driving. I'll beat any driving test they made me do.

  • Bong On 88

  • Would you rather be in a room full of stoners or a room full of piss heads ?

  • Who even watches Sky let alone Andrew Bolt the stuck up twat. Go Michael!! Legalisation is on our doorstep! Let's get the driving bullsht sorted out, totally unfair to only test for presence and not impairment….. (btw Sky you spelt Balderstone wrong in the video title.. adoyyy)

  • Bladerstone hahaha

  • I was employed by cannabis for a large part of my life also I’ve been tested multiple times under the influence of cannabis and of all the times I had never been questioned about it at all….my view to this is that there must be something more dangerous they were targeting in these drug tests and that’s just been brushed away again 🙌🏼

  • "you cant buy our democracy" but you can buy our media 😉 RM has been for years

  • 💚

  • Times hav'nt changed. Listen to the song John Barleycorn Must Die by Traffic. It's about the Aristocracy not letting the populace drink Brandy, only they were allowed to drink it. Not condoning alcohol, just saying the song sound's abit like today.

  • Drugs are a choice Bolt and dope has never been a gateway drug for me

  • We drove for tens of years stoned and no one cared, now meth heads are killing people and fuct it for everyone

  • Andrew Bolt – "I'm a science and evidence guy". Fuck me he must think we're all stupid cunts.

  • Lol Andrew Bolt says Clive Palmer tried and failed to buy Australian democracy. The reason he couldn't buy it was because Rupert Murdoch wasn't selling it.

  • oh piss off i have been smoking weed and driving for over 30 years,,,never had a problem,,,its not like alcohol dumbasses

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